Hearts Breaking for the Families in Connecticut

Lisa Cherry —  December 18, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

Along with every frontline mom in the nation, my heart has been breaking for the families in Connecticut. I have fought tears on numerous occasions as I caught site of my precious little boy, Josiah, who is very close to many of the victims' age. Hugs and squeezes for him only made me sting afresh at the mamas weeping for their children they would never hold again.

And then I would think of the family of the shooter. Horrified, grieving, angry and second guessing their own actions, they must be living in a nightmare of torture.

Obviously, we would all love to find a solution for such barbaric mayhem. A new law or a new treatment plan......but what if the answer to our collective pain goes much deeper?

I appreciated Mike Huckabee’s comments this week
. Though he was misquoted and misunderstood by those who do not understand the reality of spiritual issues, I think his comments are worth the watch.

Moms, let's continue to pray for those dear families
. Even as the news becomes yesterday's battle, their lives will take many turns in their grief.