Straight Talk: It’s Here!

Lisa Cherry —  January 1, 2013

Straight Talk book coverBy Lisa Cherry

My new e-book is ready!

If you are a subscriber to my blog, Frontline Moms, you received an email with a link for a free download of Straight Talk in Sex-saturated Culture. 

I will be so excited to hear how you use this resource in your home.

As a Christian mama I intend to be the one influencing my kids’ values.  I won’t leave my kids at the mercy of the world’s version of sex talk!

Print it…  Read it… Give this quiz to your kids.  And then let the straight talk begin!

Will you take a moment to tell your friends about Straight Talk?  They can connect with me by subscribing to Frontline Moms, and get a free copy of the book too.

Remember, someone out there is influencing your child's friends and future spouse!