Will Your Kids Find the Right Mate?

Lisa Cherry —  January 15, 2013

Doug Lisa at Kalyns wedding 535981_10151182360929449_1541843473_nBy Lisa Cherry

We all know how the story goes…

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy.

Their eyes connect. The sparks fly. The chase is on….

And if the chemistry is strong enough and the chase is hard enough and the passion is real enough, they just make a logical conclusion:  We need to be together forever!

So they start talking about....

Before you fill in that blank in our story, I encourage you to stop and think.  

In today's modern world, what do they start talking about?

Sleeping over at each other's apartment?
Moving in together?
Taking a vacation together?

Or.....Consulting with their parents , pastors, and trusted mentors as to whether they are suited to pursue engagement and marriage?

Parents, do you realize the incredible odds stacked against our children for finding that "right, godly mate?" I mean the odds in the natural realm are tough! The landmines of our culture are exploding around our kids.

Two thirds of modern couples live together before marriage.

The media portrays cohabitation, traveling together and sleeping over to be the cultural norm.
Approximately half the marriages in America end in divorce. Our godly role models are evaporating.

Yet, we as Christian parents want something more for kids! We know that God has a good plan and that He's able to establish strong marriages even in the 21st century. Yet, the question becomes, how will I get God's kingdom plan on earth as He's designed it in heaven for my kids’ future?

This will be our topic of discussion from now until Valentine's Day.

In fact, are going to do more than discuss. We're going to take down the wrong thinking that might be clouding our ability to lead our kids to success and have the courage to take on the right thinking. Are you ready to come along on this journey?

Perhaps right now even as you contemplate the subject of romance, your mind is thinking back to all the mistakes that you made in the area of love, sexuality and marriage.  I can understand.

For though I am married and passionately in love with the most wonderful, godly man, our relationship and our history is not without mistakes and pain.

However, I intend to take the regrets of my own past and use them as a launching pad to lead my children in a more effective way. How about you?  Will you grab God's grace to do the same?

Father, as we enter into this discussion of preparing our children for marriage, will You send forth Your wisdom and Your power and Your courage to us as parents? Will You help us to see past the blinders of our own day and age? Please teach us what we need to know and then empower us to lead. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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