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Lisa Cherry —  January 17, 2013

Plate You are specialBy Lisa Cherry

We are in the peak season for birthdays at our house. Six of our kids have birthdays between November 10 and February 6.  That's a lot of birthday celebrations.....year after year after year.

So how in the course of a very busy life, do we possibly make everyone feel special?

Lean on the power of tradition!

I have found the simplest things done consistently over time can have the most lasting effect.  Isn't that reassuring, moms and dads?

 It isn't necessarily the most expensive elaborate memories that mean the most.

Take my red "special plate" given to me by my mom. We have used it for the birthday guest every celebration for years.

But on one of my toughest birthdays to pull off this year –Lucas on January 1—I made the dreadful  mistake of forgetting the plate. And you would have thought, if you listened to Lydia and Josiah, that I had forgotten the birthday altogether!

"But mom! You always give us the plate," they corrected.  My ears really perked up when the older kids chimed in to support their protest. Lucas would just have to scrape his food over to the new plate and start over.

Parents this is good news. We can handle a few special plate traditions, can't we?

In fact, I challenge you. Maybe you have some special plate type traditions you started when the kids were younger.

Identify them.  Celebrate them and continue them throughout the years with your kids as they get older.

They are watching. They are remembering. And they are STILL special!

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Now for this week’s Family Fun Friday Link-Up!  It’s our tradition here at Frontline Moms.

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My co-host is my daughter Tara at Mommy Head Adventures.

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  • Kathy Olson

    We have that same plate. I am going to make sure and use it more this year. We have six kids, so it will get used a lot! Thanks for the reminder.

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