Two of Our Kids Found Romance!

Lisa Cherry —  January 19, 2013

couple wedding kiss 1038218_kissBy Lisa Cherry

At the Cherry house we are two and eight.

Two spouses happily engrafted into our clan.....and another eight to go! (If indeed all our kids are called to marriage.)

This month, in honor of Valentine's Day, we are talking about romance, dating, courtship and helping our kids find a godly mate.  Are you in need of some fresh inspiration in that department?

Do you know how much praying that represents?

Surely the choice of a spouse is the second most important decision we will assist our kids to make behind making Jesus the Lord of their lives.

And yet, it also seems like the decision they might be least inclined to consult us for advice. Unless, that is, God gives them a passion that is not like the world's passion!

Some of you know our family personally, but most of you do not. We might on surface appear to be that family with "everything together".....but if you have heard our story you know that a perverted, counterfeit "romance" nearly destroyed our home!

So when I show you this little video clip of our two older kids talking, please know that this mama knows the stories they tell are nothing short of a MIRACLE!

Take a look at this clip now and I will tell you the story later of how we got our miracle!


Image courtesy of Mateusz Atroszko

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