Late Night Dad Time: Family Fun Friday & Link Up

Lisa Cherry —  January 24, 2013

Late night Dad time Doug JosiahBy Lisa Cherry

This is the scene I discovered when I walked into my bedroom the other night.

Josiah and Doug’s late-night snuggling time had resulted in sleeptime.  My heart melted to see them together in open-mouthed slumber.

At the same time my mind flashed back to others who have sat on this Daddy's lap. Now their grown up bodies would not fit well on the rocker. And yet their need for late-night Dad time has not really disappeared.

Sure the format of their time together has changed.  Goofy YouTube clips of Tim Hawkins, nachos that mess up my kitchen, and outlandish games of cards.

The investment of parenting… I'm grateful that my husband still pays his dues.

And the rewards? Grown children who want to hang out and visit. Grandbabies who snuggle up close.

And teenagers who still somehow seem to make it home for Friday night family movie time.

Are the late-night sacrifices worth it?  Absolutely. 100%.

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