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Lisa Cherry —  January 31, 2013

group bathBy Lisa Cherry

We were having a family birthday party for 17-year-old Hannah the other night when four cell phones in the room suddenly started alarming: Tornado warning! Seek shelter now!

After my son and his family lost their home in a bad storm a few years ago, those kinds of alarms are taken seriously at our house. So everyone immediately hopped up to head to the basement. We know our routine well.

We were a jovial birthday group. Not really all that concerned that danger would strike, but not willing to take the chance. And certainly ready to dive for cover.

I sat in the basement around children looking for toys to play with and teenagers laughing when another alarm sounded. This time I said, "Okay guys, we better grab our pillows and go to the bathtub."

Now I have to confess…my version of the time to head to the bathtub and Doug's don't always exactly match. So there was a slight hesitation in the room, as Doug was hearing a different report from a different weathercast.

All except for our dinner guest, a friend of Luke's who had come for dinner. When I said head to the bathtub, he took me very seriously. In all the commotion, I looked up about five minutes later and our guest was nowhere to be found. He was sitting in the bathroom.

Well, it was an interesting night. More weather cells moved through and my family was in and out of that tub.

No harm done. No serious problems. So of course I was very grateful..... And the grandkids thought it was a new game.

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