Setting Their Lives Apart Unto God: Teen Girls’ Virtue! Event

Lisa Cherry —  February 27, 2013

VIrtue conf worships session - audienceBy Lisa Cherry

As we are finishing up our month long series on Will Your Kids Find the Right Mate & HOT ROMANCE, I want to encourage our readers to continue these discussions both in their families and their churches.

Many teens today have so little influence toward a life of virtue.  Recently we heard from Laurie, the leader of one of our POTTS groups in Billings, Montana about a successful event called Virtue! for teen girls at her church. Parents mentoring teens is what it is all about!

I asked her to tell you about it, and her account follows. After you read it, maybe you can suggest for our readers other events you have hosted to disciple your kids. We would love to share those ideas here.

Dear Frontline Moms:

I am excited to testify about our second annual teen girls’ event called Virtue!  designed to equip, inspire, restore, and call young women out to be virtuous! This event was so much more than just a good purity talk!

God’s desire for all young men and women is not just to wait, but to prepare. This season of singleness is their God-given time to grow in their knowledge of Him. Paul writes to Timothy, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

• In the first message Sheri Cooper shared how God’s Word is to be our wall to protect the treasures that God has entrusted to us. As she talked about making small compromises, she slowly began to slowly tear down the wall.  Suddenly the treasure inside was vulnerable and exposed. She used a pearl to represent the mind, a gold chunk to represent the heart and a diamond to represent the body. Each girl chose one token to remind them to guard the treasure that God has given them.

• “Use Me” was the title of Ronda Kiesser’s message about Queen Esther.  She talked about what it would have been like to be Esther. Why was she chosen? Because she was in submission to God, and she was prepared. How can we be ready to be used of God? By being submitted to Him and being prepared! She used an acronym for Esther: E-Expect God to Move, S-Surrender to His plan, T-Trust Him to lead, H-Honor His authority, E-Exercise Obedience and R-Release the outcome to God.

• Next I shared a message titled “Identity Crisis.” It was from my personal experiences of God stripping me of what I thought my identity was, and how He had me surrender to Him so that I would only be identified in Christ.  Ten women wore beauty pageant style sashes to show what the world says our identity is found in, such as: brand names, our weight, our abilities or lack thereof, outward appearance, and so on. Those things are not who they are; instead their identity is who they are in Christ. Then taking those worldly sashes off, I brought one teen girl on the stage and began layering, one on top of another, beautiful sashes that said things like “Loved,” “Chosen,” “Royalty,” “Accepted,” “Friend of God,” “Holy,” “Forgiven,” “Anointed.” I topped it off with a tiara, and then all could see was who she is in Christ!

• Rosebud Madinger finished with an incredible message titled “Spirit of Abandonment Adoption.”  The Father’s love, she taught, is the kind that would never leave or forsake us even if people have. She spoke of her husband’s love for their daughters, and of Jesus displaying it on the cross, and then the freedom we have to receive adoption.

 • After each session the girls had table time where they connected with their table leader and journaled about what God was speaking to them.

• Other highlights were: incredible worship led by Kayla Kiesser and her band, an amazing fancy lunch, snacks and late night floats prepared and served by Peggy Sharbono, beautiful decorations and a super fun photo booth by LaVonna Robinson, a powerful drama by Alyssa Hall, special music by Hannah Kiesser, the Britt Nicole song “Gold” and the Deluge song “I Wanna Be Used by You.” Sarah Cattarin did an excellent job moderating as well! Last but not least, none of it could have been done without our event coordinator, Laura Hall.

• Most importantly, 63 teen girls’ lives were impacted by God’s love!  There were several salvations and rededications.  We pray that these girls will live holy lives, set apart unto the Lord!

Thank you for wanting to hear what is going on in Billings, Montana. Pray for us to be able to take this message beyond the four walls of our church. Also, we have an event coming up in May for girls in grades three through six, called “SHINE.” It is a very similar format, with age appropriate topics, but with the same heart behind it. Please pray for that event!

God bless you! I hope this inspires others!

Pastor Laurie Houde

• These messages are on at,  along with another message by Pastor Laurie directed to both boys and girls on “Preparing” not just “Waiting! Feel free to check them out! 

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  • Lynne Davis

    Thanks for this great report.  It sounds like these girls were blessed, encouraged, and strengthened in their faith.  

  • donotgiv07

    So glad to read this..good to know that there is a remnant being equipped