Don’t Sit Out the Snows & Family Fun Friday Link-Up

Lisa Cherry —  February 28, 2013

Snowman leaningBy Lisa Cherry

This year we have been "blessed" with several snowfalls.  I have to confess these days can sometimes test this parent's flexibility and patience.

While I sincerely want my kids and teens to enjoy themselves with winter frolic, I seem to not be very interested in joining their fun.

"Mom, aren't you going to play outside with us?"

"Mom, the sled is great! You haaaave to try it!"

"Mom, come out to the backyard. You have to see my snowman!"

Don't they know how cold my middle-aged toes tend to get?

Don't they know I am really busy cleaning up after them in here?

Don't they remember that I am a recent rotator cuff surgery survivor?

And then I caught myself. Lisa, you do not want to become that kind of mom!

You are a fun mom who holds onto the hearts of your kids. You are a flexible woman who takes risks and even "suffers" for the sake of higher causes!  

Now, find your boots, put on your coat, and get one of your strong sons to help you navigate the slick yard.

So that's what I did.

The snowman outside my kitchen window hung on an abnormally long time, bowing a reminder to me...

Lisa, do not become stodgy...don't sit out the snows!

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  • Sylvia Phillips

    I have been lamenting that I don't go out in the snow anymore too!  I used to go out when my older kids were little.   I don't seem to get as involved in the fun with my current younger kids!  I'm just an old crab it seems!  Guess I need to make some changes! 

  • donotgiv07

    Thanks for the reminder--Grace is a wonderful thing isn't it??

  • Shelley Bryan

    I wish it snowed in central Louisiana. I'm not sure I would venture out in it much if it did, though. 5 bulging discs keep me from doing many things I enjoy. When my body allows, I do enjoy playing Nerf wars with my 3 sons. -linking up!

  • Hazel Irene Moon

    We seldom get snow here, but our Son took his boys about 20 miles up the mountain and found some.  They enjoyed a great time.  I am glad that you shared time with your children while you can.  Thank you for sharing this lovely snowy story at "Tell Me a Story."