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Happy Easter

I was sorting through some email notifications this morning and happened upon a few interesting studies.

#1.  Only 41% of identified American christians are for sure going to church this Easter Sunday.

see article here: Christians Unsure about Attending Easter Services

#2.  The postmodern mind has a hard time accepting the reality of the resurrection.

Which leads me to an interesting question. Are you sure your children are settled on their faith in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ? Do they know how to defend their beliefs in an increasingly hostile culture which values doubting everything? Can they refute the most common arguments against the resurrection?

The "theories" that have circulated throughout the ages such as:

1. The Swoon Theory.....that Jesus never really died

2. The Stolen Body Theory.....that his disciples stole the body and tricked the Roman soldiers

3. The Collective Delusion Theory.....that all those who saw Him were collectively sharing the same hallucination

4.  The Spiritual Resurrection Theory...that His spirit was raised but not His body

Obviously, as Paul said it in 1 Corinthians 15, without the resurrection of Jesus our faith is worthless.

Here is a powerful but brief tool to study this important issue:

Ressurection Evidendce

Take some time together this weekend as a family. Read the bible account. Study out the erroneous theories......and GET TO CHURCH TOGETHER ON EASTER!

God Bless You,

Funny Friday Messy House

by Lisa Cherry

Some of you who read this post today will simply not be ale to relate. If that's you, then please pray for the rest of us who can.

At the Cherry house, we have a terrible chronic problem.....

Messy House

Oh, it's not a new issue. It's just one that seems to dog us year after year. "Why is it we can't seem to keep our house clean like the _________family," we have been known to lament. And then we would just raise up a new chore list system, roll up our sleeves and try a little harder.

Well, this morning our hardest efforts of failure came to a screeching halt. A family meeting was called to "get us back on track again" but the meeting was not going well. In fact, it was going terrible.

Our troops were looking horribly defeated. Our punishment systems were exhausted. And a sense of hopelessness was beginning to set in.

We had been defeated by a bunch of odd toys, stray socks, and dirty cups.

But that's when it happened. That's when the Holy Spirit breathed fresh life into our vacuum cleaner and dirty clothes hamper.

We, the Cherry's are not failures, He reminded us,....yet we had adopted a failure attitude.

We are not slobs although we had adopted a piggish aroma.

Why? Because we had all self identified ourselves as MESSY PEOPLE and FAILURES!

Even Josiah in his little six year old way showed us the depth of our mis-thinking when he innocently began asking us in the middle of our meeting how many punishment points he would be getting that day since he was sure ( in advance) that he would be making a new mess and forgetting to clean it up!

As a man thinks in his is he, Proverbs says. No wonder our behavior has been slipping! Too much emphasis on our weaknesses and not enough focus on who God made us to be!

So we decided to change our thoughts....and change our beliefs.

Our new strategy is already producing better results.  Think clean. Think orderly. Think peace. Think beauty. Think love for work. Think hospitality. Think love for your brother and sister. Think success......

Ethan, our 12 year old even found us a dandy scripture to meditate on.

And now some laughter has returned to our hallway. Oh, we still have a few crumbs floating in our midst as you can see from our picture. But we are once again a team. An army. .....A family.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

It’s Family Fun Friday at Frontline Moms.

We have a tradition here at Frontline Moms.  We spend so much of the week unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, that we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!

Tragic Mess

Courtesy Mitchell Joyce

by Lisa Cherry

My heart is breaking this week as our nation is focused on the Supreme Court deliberation on the issue of same sex marriage. So much of our children's future is at stake on this decision. Are you using this time of national debate to engage your kids in family debate?

If not, I encourage you to seize the opportunity! Every weekend we encounter parents who wish they had engaged their kids before they lost them to the wayward mores of a tribulating and confused culture. We must help them learn to reason and think biblically.

I have some resources for you to use in your home this week.

1. Some of our most popular blog posts on this issue:

Mom, Would You Love Me if I'm Bisexual?, Part 1

Mom, Would You Love Me if I'm Bisexual?, Part 2

Mom Would You Love Me if I'm Bisexual?, Part 3

10 Ways to Use "The New Normal" Gay Agenda to Teach Your Kids

10 Lies of the Gay Agenda and the Biblical Truths that Counter Them

2.  Teens need help with the issue of cause and effect. Check out this article about the results of legalized gay marriage laws.

What Same-sex "Marriage" has Done to Massachusetts

3. Have you read our free ebook, Straight Talk, to your kids?

I encourage your family to pray together for our nation and our leaders this week!  Make it a quality time to Build Your Ark as a Remnant Family!

*     *     *     *     *    *


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by Lisa Cherry

Minnesota ATFI had a very unusual experience this past weekend that I doubt I will ever forget. I spoke to a group of parents lined up on benches in a women's hockey team dressing room!

Why were we in such an odd location? Because our Minneapolis ATF event had a little challenge with its extra meeting room space and it was the only available room we could find. After my main session to our large group of parents, I offered an extra small group meeting for those parents who were either currently in crisis with their kids or for those who wanted to know how to avoid or handle a crisis in the future. I figured I would see a handful of takers.  Instead, 35 parents followed me down to the basement "meeting room."Locker Room ATF

We felt like a covert operational squad gathered together to hear the team captain give the directives. And I suppose that is what we were! Parents eager to hear battle strategies from the Lord to successfully wage war against the Kingdom of Darkness and the enemy's seductive plans to destroy our Christian kids' futures.

The stories of crisis in the room were quite varied and staggering. Addictions. Broken relationships. Depression. Sexual immoralities. .....But as we shared together the truth of God's word, the principles that applied for each family's  unique deliverance were remarkably universal. We talked about the 12 step Victory Battle Plan that God led us through when we were struggling with our daughter Kalyn.

I was shocked how much our time together meant to me personally as a mom. As I relived what the Lord had taught us, I recognized my own need to "shore up" my emergency preparedness even today. Living a life of alertness and spiritual sensitivity is critical in parenting today's teens. Learning to control  my own reactions can prevent me from accidentally pouring gasoline on smoldering embers and creating my own raging fire of destruction in the lives of my teens.

How about you? Are you prepared with a strategy to handle tough parenting situations? Would you be able to keep yourself together in the face of disappointing, damaging , or dangerous news from your teen? Are you as practiced in disaster preparedness for your children's lives as you are in disaster preparedness for your house and property?

Leading our children through our hostile culture could mean some skirmishes and attacks!

Step one of our 12 step Plan stood out as critical to our group's discussion. Let me take a moment and share it with you today.

Step 1 to handling a parenting emergency..........Stop. Drop. And pray!

I must train myself to interrupt my own  tendency to try to fix tough situations with quick parental words. Stop the tongue action, Lisa. Invite the Lord personally into that moment of decision making and then pray for His wisdom. Do not rush the moment. Hit the pause button if you must. Put the child needing assistance on hold and take the time needed to fashion a Godly response.

I remember the night our world came crashing to a halt when we discovered an $800 cell phone bill and a secret sexually abusive relationship with a middle age man and our 15 year old high achieving Christian daughter. You talk about shocking trauma! Unfortunately, out of our parental shock, hurt, and fear, we launched some horrible words toward our daughter that could not be easily retrieved from the air waves. In other words, we blew it.

If I had it to live over, I would have done things so differently. But just as the fire departments of America have trained us to not run if our clothes catch on fire but to stop, drop, and roll, we must train ourselves as parents to Stop, Drop, and Pray during the heated moments of crisis in our parenting.

The bad news is I might face some unforeseen emergency again in our family's future. The good news is I will have many opportunities to hone the needed skills to handle the big moments during the little skirmishes of our daily life together.

Stop. Drop. And pray.

I will never forget our prayer circle in our odd little meeting room in Minneapolis when we asked the Lord to equip us to meet our adversary head on. Equipped. Humbled. And armed with His word.

Are you ready to face whatever the devil would try to throw your family's way? Click here leave a comment. This week I will cover a few more of those critical Battle Plan strategies. If you have not seen our book, Unmask the Predators yet, I encourage you to check it out. A prepared parent is a victorious parent!.

*     *     *     *     *    *

This  month we are featuring our resource kit called Unmask the Predators. Click here to get help for your tough parenting battles.

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Fatal Distractions-Teen Drivers

photo courtesy Kristi Bonney

By Lisa Cherry

How many of our teenagers have asked us that question?!

With the latest string of teenage car crashes hitting the news this past week, it causes all of us with teen drivers to check ourselves.

When I read this article called Fatal Distraction: Teen Drivers And Passengers Are A Deadly Mix, I had to share it with my fellow parents.

More than one teen in a car—even if they are "good" drivers—is a deadly mix. As tempting as it is to want to be the softy on this one and let the kids have it their way, we had better take heed to the warning we are given here.

My heart breaks for those precious parents who have lost a child in a car crash. Let's all do what we can to make sure that we, as well as other parents, would never face such a tragic loss.

Please click that link above! It is worth the read!



*     *     *     *     *    *

This  month we are featuring our resource kit called Unmask the Predators. Click here to get help for your tough parenting battles.

 Unmask Kit

March special: Unmask the Predators Parents Kit. Includes Unmask book, workbook, and six part video teaching. $42 value. $40 regular price....but this month only $25 plus free shipping!!!  Click here to visit our store.