FaceTime When You Can’t Be There? ~Family Fun Friday & Link Up

Lisa Cherry —  March 7, 2013

0223131533.jpgBy Lisa Cherry

Last weekend my two high school age runners had a big home indoor meet
. It was fun to watch their siblings and grandparents fill the stands.

However, one problem. Dad couldn't be there. As their chief coach and fan, he hated to miss it. But with our crazy traveling tour schedule, he had commitments in San Antonio.

So he did the next best thing. FaceTime!  (Hint for those who need it: This is like Skype on a phone.)

My kids have still not lived it down!
Their coach and team members were incredulous. But through all the teasing, the message was clear. As many of the other students did not have anyone to cheer them on, dad’s love and commitment made a big statement.

The moral.....use technology to our advantage, not just to our harm!

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  • http://momstheword--livingforhim.blogspot.com/ Nan

    You'd think with two young adult boys I'd know what facetime was but I've never heard of it.  However, I DO know what Skype is since I did it once with my oldest when he went away to college.  It did not work out well, lol!

    I could see him but not hear him.  I began signing to him (he knows ASL too) and told him we couldn't hear him, and at the same time I was verbally asking my husband what was wrong with the computer.

    So hubby and I were talking to one another while I'm madly signing away to my son, and my son isn't signing back but he and his roommate were laughing instead.  And I was asking my hubby "What are they laughing about?" which made them laugh more.

    Finally he stops laughing and tells me (in sign language) that they could totally hear us, lol!

    So we gave up and our son called us on the phone so we could talk to him, but he kept the Skype on so we could see him too, lol!

    How sweet of your hubby to want to be a part of their meet and not miss it!