“Don’t You Trust Me to Drive?”

admin —  March 21, 2013
Fatal Distractions-Teen Drivers

photo courtesy Kristi Bonney

By Lisa Cherry

How many of our teenagers have asked us that question?!

With the latest string of teenage car crashes hitting the news this past week, it causes all of us with teen drivers to check ourselves.

When I read this article called Fatal Distraction: Teen Drivers And Passengers Are A Deadly Mix, I had to share it with my fellow parents.

More than one teen in a car—even if they are "good" drivers—is a deadly mix. As tempting as it is to want to be the softy on this one and let the kids have it their way, we had better take heed to the warning we are given here.

My heart breaks for those precious parents who have lost a child in a car crash. Let's all do what we can to make sure that we, as well as other parents, would never face such a tragic loss.

Please click that link above! It is worth the read!



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