Tragic Mess But Great Teaching Opportunity

Lisa Cherry —  March 28, 2013
Tragic Mess

Courtesy Mitchell Joyce

by Lisa Cherry

My heart is breaking this week as our nation is focused on the Supreme Court deliberation on the issue of same sex marriage. So much of our children's future is at stake on this decision. Are you using this time of national debate to engage your kids in family debate?

If not, I encourage you to seize the opportunity! Every weekend we encounter parents who wish they had engaged their kids before they lost them to the wayward mores of a tribulating and confused culture. We must help them learn to reason and think biblically.

I have some resources for you to use in your home this week.

1. Some of our most popular blog posts on this issue:

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Mom, Would You Love Me if I'm Bisexual?, Part 2

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10 Ways to Use "The New Normal" Gay Agenda to Teach Your Kids

10 Lies of the Gay Agenda and the Biblical Truths that Counter Them

2.  Teens need help with the issue of cause and effect. Check out this article about the results of legalized gay marriage laws.

What Same-sex "Marriage" has Done to Massachusetts

3. Have you read our free ebook, Straight Talk, to your kids?

I encourage your family to pray together for our nation and our leaders this week!  Make it a quality time to Build Your Ark as a Remnant Family!

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