Do Your Kids Believe in the Resurrection?

Lisa Cherry —  March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

I was sorting through some email notifications this morning and happened upon a few interesting studies.

#1.  Only 41% of identified American christians are for sure going to church this Easter Sunday.

see article here: Christians Unsure about Attending Easter Services

#2.  The postmodern mind has a hard time accepting the reality of the resurrection.

Which leads me to an interesting question. Are you sure your children are settled on their faith in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ? Do they know how to defend their beliefs in an increasingly hostile culture which values doubting everything? Can they refute the most common arguments against the resurrection?

The "theories" that have circulated throughout the ages such as:

1. The Swoon Theory.....that Jesus never really died

2. The Stolen Body Theory.....that his disciples stole the body and tricked the Roman soldiers

3. The Collective Delusion Theory.....that all those who saw Him were collectively sharing the same hallucination

4.  The Spiritual Resurrection Theory...that His spirit was raised but not His body

Obviously, as Paul said it in 1 Corinthians 15, without the resurrection of Jesus our faith is worthless.

Here is a powerful but brief tool to study this important issue:

Ressurection Evidendce

Take some time together this weekend as a family. Read the bible account. Study out the erroneous theories......and GET TO CHURCH TOGETHER ON EASTER!

God Bless You,