How to Teach Kids to Think Like Christians in a Lady Gaga World

Lisa Cherry —  April 9, 2013

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"It is imperative in this confused, darkened world that we train and equip our kids to think like Christians. They must be able to defend their faith.....or they are likely to lose their faith," I stated boldly at a recent POTTS conference event.

As soon as I got home one of the participants messaged me on Facebook with a dandy follow up question to my impassioned plea.

"Lisa, how do we do that? Do you have any materials you recommend?" she asked.

I love it when I can confidently answer a question for resources! For the last several years we have used a worldview training program that I believe has effectively equipped our kids to stand strong in the face of the onslaught of postmodernism and other false beliefs.

Here are my favorite picks:

For younger teens.....Lightbearers



For juniors and seniors in high school........Understanding the Times

understanding the times

Both of these resources have a complete study program with excellent video teachings. My life has been equipped in amazing ways as I have taught from these materials. In fact, I found them so helpful, the last couple years I have started my elementary age children on the corresponding program for them through a coop group I am a part of.

What We Believe

All these resources can be found at the Summit website

Will this take effort, investment and time? Absolutely.

But without some extra effort and work, I have no clue how we will effectively pull our kids through the incredibly messy darkness we have plunged ourselves into as a culture.

For those of you who send your kids to public school, this learning could make the difference in your kids falling into massive deception with most of their peers or being the one who can stand firm in hostile times. For those of you who homeschool your kids, I highly recommend putting this material front and center on your lesson plans as your kids can be in for a rude awakening when they emerge from your private supervision. For those of you in Christian schools, perhaps this program needs added to your curriculum. But even if someone else is teaching it to your kids, I recommend the resource become a regular resource for family discussion and prayer.

Someone will teach your kids to reason according to some kind of a world view. Do you want it to be Lady Gaga and the folks at Planned Parenthood?

Enough said.

Image courtesy of John Robert Charlton via Wikipedia