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Today I want to do something we've never done here on Frontline Moms. I am sending you a sample of the video program we send to all of our POTTS Subscribers. This show on helping our children safely navigate the world of technology seems especially critical in this hour. (NOTE: If you are a subscriber and received this in your inbox, click on the title and you will go to our page and be able to see the embedded video.  You may also select this LINK to get to the Pods, Pads, and Phones video.)

If you are not getting these videos in your email box every month let me explain how you can receive them. When you purchase a copy of our book STICK! and the corresponding four-part video teaching that goes with it, we enter your name in a subscription list to receive monthly video teachings.

Some of our POTTS subscribers are families watching their videos in their homes. Others are small groups that have sprung up all over North America to support parents in churches and community locations.

We Currently have over 1,500 POTTS subscribers.  This month we are running an online special for new subscribers. You can get a $20 subscription for just $15. Click here.

If you would like more information about starting a POTTS group in your location call (800) 213-9899 and talk with our representative.

Hope you enjoy the video!

kitchen sink 400X400

This week has been incredibly hectic as we are in our busiest month of travel of the entire ATF tour. So I found myself p-r-e-s-s-i-n-g to get everything done to keep my family comfortable and minimize the disruption on their lives. So i found myself doing hard stuff like grocery shopping at 10:00 pm and cooking chili, vegetable soup, and muffins for 10 all at the same time. I kept my bags packed from last week end hoping the wrinkles will re-fall out when I recycle the clothes to this weekend. So this was not a good week to turn on my kitchen sink and not find any hot water.

Remember, we are the clean people. We wash our dishes and pick up our house right on time! See our Messy House Weirdness HERE.


After Doug's two attempts at fixing the offending appliance, we are having some family fun here.water heater

Can you hear it now?

Mom, how am I going to take a shower?

Mom, how am I supposed to do these dishes?

Awwww.....some forms of family bonding will require a little more from Mom than others!

Smile, Lisa, smile!

Count it all joy! (James 1)

Use even this to make a family memory!


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It’s Family Fun Friday at Frontline Moms.

We have a tradition here at Frontline Moms.  We spend so much of the week unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, that we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!


I just caught a line of conversation on Facebook that disturbed me. Well meaning Christian friends talking about the recent tragic suicide of Matthew Warren, Pastor Rick Warren's son.

So far in my readings about this terrible event I had only seen heartfelt sorrow for the family and their congregation expressed. But today, I saw a most disturbing other side. A voice of accusation towards the parents and the ministry they represent. Perhaps they neglected him. ......Perhaps they were irresponsible or cruel parents.......Perhaps they wanted fame more than their family.......and my heart was grieved at these words.

Actually those piercing words I read today took me back in time to when the same thoughts of accusation ran through my own mind as well.  I relived instantly the day we discovered a suicide threatening journal in the bedroom of our traumatized, mentally disturbed 15 year old daughter.

As soon as I heard of the Warren family's pain, I was so concerned this would happen. Parental blaming somehow gives us a way to deal with something that seems so senseless and dark and unexplainable.

Suicide is considered the third leading cause of death for today's American teen. And while this young man was no longer a teen his parents had apparently lived under the real threat of suicide since his early teen years.

My heart goes out to his mother right now. Broken, grieving, confused and filled with regrets, she does not need to hear it was all her fault! Because I am certain it wasn't.

Now, Lisa, if you do not know these people personally how can you possibly say that? Because I have come to understand the world of spiritual warfare concerning our children. This was an adult child who made adult choices. Sure his parents made errors. All parents do. But mental illness is a very real and a very complicated emotional/physical/spiritual problem that cannot be simply thrown off as evidence of bad parenting.

I am stopping again and praying for this family. I am also stopping right now and praying for the hundreds of families of teenagers I have met who are battling for their children's lives as well. Would you care to join me?

Perhaps we can take this opportunity to sharpen up our skills at detecting suicide threats in the lives of our children.

Here is a great link to get us started......

In this difficult hour to raise teens, we really do need each other! POTTS is our organization to bring you and your family some extra strength and hope. We would love to have the honor of praying specifically for your needs. Click here to send us your requests.

If you are in a battle in your home, please check out our family's resource, Unmask the Predators, that includes the Victory Battle Plan for parents facing a crisis.


coffin photo courtesy ambergris

Lady Gaga The_Monster_Ball_-_Poker_Face_revamped2-tweak

"It is imperative in this confused, darkened world that we train and equip our kids to think like Christians. They must be able to defend their faith.....or they are likely to lose their faith," I stated boldly at a recent POTTS conference event.

As soon as I got home one of the participants messaged me on Facebook with a dandy follow up question to my impassioned plea.

"Lisa, how do we do that? Do you have any materials you recommend?" she asked.

I love it when I can confidently answer a question for resources! For the last several years we have used a worldview training program that I believe has effectively equipped our kids to stand strong in the face of the onslaught of postmodernism and other false beliefs.

Here are my favorite picks:

For younger teens.....Lightbearers



For juniors and seniors in high school........Understanding the Times

understanding the times

Both of these resources have a complete study program with excellent video teachings. My life has been equipped in amazing ways as I have taught from these materials. In fact, I found them so helpful, the last couple years I have started my elementary age children on the corresponding program for them through a coop group I am a part of.

What We Believe

All these resources can be found at the Summit website

Will this take effort, investment and time? Absolutely.

But without some extra effort and work, I have no clue how we will effectively pull our kids through the incredibly messy darkness we have plunged ourselves into as a culture.

For those of you who send your kids to public school, this learning could make the difference in your kids falling into massive deception with most of their peers or being the one who can stand firm in hostile times. For those of you who homeschool your kids, I highly recommend putting this material front and center on your lesson plans as your kids can be in for a rude awakening when they emerge from your private supervision. For those of you in Christian schools, perhaps this program needs added to your curriculum. But even if someone else is teaching it to your kids, I recommend the resource become a regular resource for family discussion and prayer.

Someone will teach your kids to reason according to some kind of a world view. Do you want it to be Lady Gaga and the folks at Planned Parenthood?

Enough said.

Image courtesy of John Robert Charlton via Wikipedia

Kalyn Cherry Waller

Kalyn has not turned Hindu....she was simply a mama desperate for some sticker entertainment in flight  with a 20 month old! Ahhhhhhhh.....traveling as Grammy has neat perks. I am assuming someone else calculated the snacks, the diaper and the toy count.  I just get to take pictures and watch her discover the airplane lights.Kalyn Cherry Waller

This week I have been particularly alerted to the wonder of the seasons of life. As surely as spring beings its annual transformations without my assistance, the seasons of my family's life  keep rolling along whether I want them to or not.  As a younger mom, I would often look ahead wanting to rush myself forward to the next plateau or development. Now, I want to slow everyone down! But in reality, I don't have the luxury of either option. For God, himself, is the orchestrator of seasons.

So my next best option? Enjoy.....I mean really enjoy....the season we are in. Take time to laugh at their silly Kyla Wallerjokes and remember the corny movie line with them. That is my family fun advice for this week. Simple. And yet profound.

Oh, I know we are all busy keeping our lives running and achieving and earning. But the best are the moments when you catch a glimpse afresh at why you are running, achieving, and earning anyway.

P.S. .....We made it a whole week with keeping our house in greater order! I think we are on to something this time! Read about our Messy House Weirdness HERE.