Fake Heroes: 7 Ways to Replace Bad Role Models

Lisa Cherry —  May 7, 2013
fake hero

photo courtesy LaDeon

Last week the news was filled with discussions about the NBA player who came out of the closet about his gay lifestyle. Many hailed his announcement as an act of heroism. Heroism? Courage? Is this our new definition? Wow, is this what we want our kids to absorb?

Parents, over the ages heroes have been carefully sowed into kids' upbringing as we wanted to inspire them to aim for greatness. What happened to this concept???

Today, as I present to you Rear Admiral Lee's story from last week, I urge you....take back the heroes in your home!!

7 Ways to Replace Bad Role Models

1. Make a clear statement

Our kids need to hear your definition of a real hero. Such as ....."John, it is important for you to be watching out for counterfeits in our modern world. Counterfeit Heroes are all around us. I am going to be pointing out to you in the coming days examples of real heroes that are worthy of imitation in our lives."

2. Ask them to help you identify today's heroes.

"We are going to continue our family's discovery of honorable heroes. Will you please help me find them? Literature, real life, the news.....wherever we see them, let's share them with each other. This week at dinner, come with a few examples."

3. Use Psalm 12:8, Isaiah 5: 20-21, and Proverbs 10:23 as teaching standards.

As the world continues to hold up media images before our kids as the "cool ones" worthy of imitation, we will need to hold up God's principles as the image of heroism!  How do the pop stars lives compare to these scriptures?

4.  Look for movies of great Christian Heroes and have a family movie night (yes, even with teens!)

We have had family movie night tradition for over 12 years. It can work and it can allow you to sow in worthwhile flics. Suggestions:

5.  Read aloud sections of the most radical hero book of all time:  Foxe's Book of Martyrs (or get Kindle version)

6. Read aloud the classic book that has inspired mature believers for hundreds of years: Pilgrim's Progress (or get the free Kindle version here)

7. Hold up role models who are living valiantly for Jesus at a young age.

We can find teens and young adults around us who have NOT caved into the craziness of our world!
Who do you know?

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