Micah Minus One Appendix! Family Fun Friday

Lisa Cherry —  May 16, 2013

micah minus one appendixBy Lisa Cherry

Last Sunday, I was very grateful to be finished with our tour, and to have been on my regular post at home.

Micah, our 15 year old, awoke before church complaining of an odd abdominal pain. I must confess my years of mothering experience caused me to go into auto mode. Probably gas or a bug coming on. No big deal. Just wait it out.

Well....a few hours later with a right-sided, bent-over boy and I wasn't too interested in waiting it out!

Ten kids but our first appendectomy. I have to say, Micah was a champ! No complaining. No drama. Just guts. No pun intended.

Isn't modern medicine a miracle?! Another era, another part of the world......and Micah could have not been here with us!

Thank you God!

Will you join me in prayer today for the thousands and thousands of mothers and fathers who do not have access to good medical care for their children?