What Would You Have Done? Part 2: What to do if Your Christian Child is Persecuted

Lisa Cherry —  May 20, 2013

king and king book coverBy Lisa Cherry

Hannah was placed in a very challenging position for a young 17 year old student. Would she stand for Christ and His standards of morality and holiness, or cave into the expectations of her teacher in order to get an A on a writing project?

As I wrote in my last post, my daughter Hannah was asked in her community college English class to write a persuasive essay, and chose to do it on a banned book called King and King. As a story designed for 5-8 year old children, the fiction work portrays a prince who was having trouble selecting a princess to marry when one of the princess' brothers comes on the scene catching his eye.

The two princes fall in love, are seen kissing one another and are named King and King of the kingdom after a royal wedding that made them a "family." Quite a story for our primary students, eh?

Hannah worked dozens of hours formulating a three point persuasive argument in favor of the ban of the book from elementary classrooms that included the ideas that it could contribute to gender confusion in children, lead to homosexual experimentation, and undermine parental leadership in sexual education.  

It became apparent almost immediately that Hannah was in deep water. Her teacher began shooting back comments that Hannah would not be able to adjust unless she altered her viewpoint significantly.

"Mom, I should never have done this paper!" she tearfully lamented. "I don't want to blow my grade point average before I even officially start college!"

So here are today's questions. What should I have done when my daughter faced persecution for her faith?

1. Should I have tried to steer Hannah away from the topic she chose before she ever started writing? Even though all the topics that the teacher offered were controversial, should I have urged her not to pick one of the ones on homosexuality since that is so volatile and "dangerous" now?

2. Should I have helped her appeal for a new topic when it became apparent her teacher was going to intensely attack her viewpoint and possibly grade her lower because of it?

3. Should I have even considered having her drop the class to avoid the problem all together?

4. Should I have called her teacher myself at the first signs of trouble?

What do you think?
What would you have done??

This series of blog posts is designed to get us thinking by using a real live example of persecution toward a Christian child. I want to hear your ideas because we MUST sharpen our leadership if we and our children are to stand strong!

In my next post I will tell you which of those options I chose and why. And then we can discuss whether I did the right thing or not!

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