What Do We Do with the Boy Scouts?

Lisa Cherry —  June 2, 2013

Boy scout memorial 8434451514_661e653301By Lisa Cherry

My heart is wrenched by what happened in the recent decision by the Boy Scouts. We have moved so far since my father-in-law was an Eagle Scout!!

As we attempt to make sense of the implications of their decision, I encourage you to read Laurie Higgins' article Boy Scouts of America: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.  It explains how dangerous this turn is.  It is hard hitting. But it teaches us to think this thing through!!

Parents of boy scouts, I am so sorry for what you are now in the middle of. But I urge you to take careful heed as you make decisions for you and your family. Our boys need us to stand strong!

I am working hard today on our new book, NOT OPEN, and it is stretching me to think about these types of decisions. We are truly at a turning point in our history!!!! 

Prayer, anyone???

Image source:  Ted Eytan