A Big Attitude Adjustment from Someone Who Has Learned

Lisa Cherry —  June 5, 2013

By Lisa Cherry

When I read Kalyn's post I was dealing with some parenting irritations. I got my attitude adjusted in tall order!!!!

Perhaps you could use a little help dealing with annoying parenting situations???

pink-flower-300x219One of the Hardest Things to Hear After Losing a Baby…

by Kalyn from Mommy's Heavenly Dream

One of the hardest things for me to hear is a pregnant woman complaining. When I hear someone say they are so exhausted, or wish they were not gaining so much weight, or can't do all the things they love now, or won't be able to manage their home when this baby is born...I can literally feel a seething inside me. I want so bad to get right up in their face and tell them to just thank God their baby is ALIVE. I feel like they have no idea how many of us fellow moms would literally  Click here to read the rest of Kalyn’s post at Mommy’s Heavenly Dream

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