Dormancy is Dangerous: Our Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision on DOMA

Lisa Cherry —  July 2, 2013

Supreme Court building 800px-SCOTUSbuilding_1st_Street_SEBy Lisa Cherry

Our Lord Himself defined marriage in GenesisAll attempts at a new definition are simply rebellion to His word.

I join with others who are mourning our Supreme Court's decision last week on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA.) Wow, what a sad day for God's people.

But what are we to do now? We lost.

I personally think one of the greatest dangers we face right now is our own discouragement. Discouragement births complacency, and that could result in us going dormant.

Dormant is tempting.  But Dormancy is Dangerous!!

We are called salt and light for good reason. Our presence has a preserving effect.

We are watching our culture slide over a dangerous cliff. But I, for one, will not give up and grow dormant with defeat.

I will continue to stand for righteousness. I will continue to disciple my children in how to reason according to the ways of God—not the culture. And I will continue to speak the truth in love to anyone who cares to hear my voice.

How about you? Do you find yourself saying words like: It's just inevitable....we may as well get used to it...there is nothing we can do now....times have just changed?

Please... Do not give in to the enemy's new plan to cause the lights to be hidden under a bushel basket! Precious souls are at stake and our children's future is threatened!

Not Open Cover designJust two days before the Supreme Court ruling, Lucas and I got our new book off to the editor. Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War deals with how to build a Remnant family when the flood of dissipation is rising. We will give you previews soon, but for now, can we agree?

Dormant is not the answer!!

I appreciate Christian leaders who, rather than going dormant, jumped out strong and quick to last week's announcement.

Dennis Rainey devoted his June 27 broadcast to this.  You can watch his podcast or download the transcript here.

Albert Mohler explained how the decision set the stage for a future legal challenge that would result in “…a sweeping decision that would create a new “right” that would mean the coast-to-coast legalization of same-sex marriage.”

James Dobson, Franklin Graham, James Robison, Mike Huckabee, Jack Hayford, and other leaders have joined in endorsing the Marriage Solidarity Statement

I’m signing this too.  Will you join me?


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