TSA Warning About Prayer During Ramadan

Lisa Cherry —  July 17, 2013

airport security Atlanta 427400947_4c4ccadfa2By Lisa Cherry 

I could hardly believe it when I heard it.

The Transportation Safety Administration issued a warning to travelers about being sensitive and alert to Muslim travelers during the season of Ramadan.  Ramadan is a month-long observance that includes fasting, prayer and Qu’ran recitations.

Wow, I wonder if we Christians would ever pose the same problem?   Would anyone at a government agency ever feel the need to make allowances for or explain our behavior to the public?

Would we pray and read our Bibles openly, or (blush!) hide our lights under a bushel? ← tweet

People might think we were radical about Jesus or something!!!!!

Now obviously, I am not saying we are to put on an insincere show for the public. Jesus had some pretty sharp words about that idea!

But we have a tendency to conform, to compromise, to modify our behavior to make it acceptable so that we fit it. NOT OPEN Film Set Lisa and Lucas

But is this culture something we want to fit into?

I’m not open to that.  How about you?

Atlanta airport image source:  Josh Hallett

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