Transgender Restroom Use in Schools: Take our Poll about It

Lisa Cherry —  August 5, 2013

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Did you know that the U.S. Department of Justice has taken up the cause of “transgendered” school children, that is, children who are gender confused? 

These are girls who self-identify as male, taking a masculine name and wearing boys’ clothing and hairstyles; and boys who say they are female, adopting feminine names, dress and hairstyles.

A school district in Arcadia, California has settled with the DOJ in an agreement to change their policies and procedures to make sure that these students are treated as “whatever gender they consider themselves to be.”

A female ninth grade student is now permitted to use the boy’s bathroom because “she has identified as a boy from a young age.” 

I’d like to know how this strikes you.  Would you please comment on these two questions?  Select one or more of the responses below, or add your own.

1.  How do you feel about this?

  1. I’m not sure how I should feel about it.
  2. Well, that’s just the way it goes in California.
  3. I’m horrified and disgusted.
  4. I’m glad my family does not have to deal with such nonsense.
  5. I’m sad that gender confusion is being normalized.
  6. I’m concerned that other children will be ensnared by this deception.
  7. I need to repent; I’m responsible for a government that is encouraging this abomination and a nation that is offending our Creator.

2.  How will you respond?

  1. Click on and think about something else.
  2. Click my tongue and shake my head.
  3. Like this post on Facebook.
  4. Talk or post about it with other believers.
  5. Discuss with my kids what would be a Biblical response to this.
  6. Fall on my face in prayer and cry out to God.
  7. Pray and fast with other believers for our nation.

I am so looking forward to your response.  You can leave a comment on this post, or email me at

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  • Hannah J

    1. c, e, and f
    2.d, f, and g

    I post a lot about things like this on my blog, It is truly sad that people think that this is ok. Satan is truly the master of confusion.

  • Lisa Raub

    1. c,e, & f
    2. d, e, f, & g

    Unbelievable! But it only stands to reason that this is the next logical conclusion - if your gender is only what you believe it is, then you should use the restroom you believe you should use. Never mind DNA, hormones, or God.

    I'm completely amazed at how quickly our country has become degraded! And very few people are standing up and telling the truth. Help, us, Lord.

    • Hannah J

      Or if they do tell the truth then it's "hate speech" and they quickly get silenced.

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