10 Reasons Why Parents Should be Concerned about the Transgender Children Debate

Lisa Cherry —  August 7, 2013

Eye closed

By Lisa Cherry

I used to close my eyes to this.

 The public controversy on “transsexuality” was one issue I thought I did not need to concern myself with.  After all, I was confident my own children would never be involved!  

However, the more I hear of the nature of this debate, the more I realize I have no choice but to be involved with the issue and talk about it in my own home.

Perhaps you took our poll in our last post concerning the recent news story from the school forced to let a gender-confused girl use the boys’ bathroom.   You could pause a moment to take the two question poll now if you missed it.

Here are my top 10 reasons why parents should be concerned about the "transsexual children in school bathrooms" debate:

1. The shock factor on this issue appears to be gone.  How is it that we are no longer alarmed by something that is in direct conflict to God’s word and design?

2. We—and our kids—are beginning to consider this a normal issue. "Normal" In our culture is defined as acceptable.

3. We can't view this as just a California debate. Multiple states  and school districts are now making policies on transgender students--Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida and Maine, to name a few.  (will link to each as follows

4. The federal government – the Department of Justice – has become involved in the issue. Read what happened to the local school that tried to NOT allow a gender confused child free access to bathrooms and locker rooms of his choice!

5. The LGBTQ issue is now being touted as “the new civil rights” movement.  Proponents frequently compare it to racial discrimination.

6. Real issues of gender confusion are no longer recognized and appropriately treated. In the past, the child suffering from gender confusion was encouraged to get help. Now, if one of our children struggled with this problem, they would be encouraged to live their life cross-gendered, or even consider having “sexual reassignment surgery” (SRS) to change their gender. How frightening. And what happens when a transgendered person changes his/her mind

7.  As adults, we might laugh at such outlandish ideas as debating bathroom gender selection. But our kids do not laugh. They think of their friends who struggle with these issues, and they need help to know how to respond.

8. The statistics have changed.....even as God's word has not. Public tide has turned dramatically on the issues of sexuality.  We who stand for the traditional views of biblical marriage and God-ordained sexual identity are in the minority.

9. Voices are being silenced. I am feeling the pressure even on this blog! It feels more and more controversial, frightening, and intimidating to speak up for traditional values. In Massachusetts students can be punished for not affirming or supporting their transgender classmates.      If we quit talking.....How will our kids hear the truth? We must be the candle in the darkness.

10. Spiritual deceptions are causing spiritual blinders. At stake is the recognition of the authority of God's word. He is very clear about sexual behavior and identity issues.   Will our kids listen to the Bible… Or the media… Or their friends…  Or the politicians, or (as we will discuss in the next post)...the pope....or their pediatrician?

So will you join me in opening your eyes to what’s going on in the culture? 

Will you evaluate it carefully in the light of the Word of God, and seek the Lord for wisdom as to how to respond?

Then will you have the courage to open your mouth and discuss this with your teens? 

If you keep silent, realize that they may assume that you, like many in the culture, consider it either a non-issue, or simply “progress.”

Perhaps the articles linked in this post and these 10 points will help you bring up the subject before your teens debate it somewhere else and draw dangerous new conclusions!!!!

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Kids today are saturated with sexual images and misinformation.  Parents, we must impress on them the Biblical truths they need.   Get my free resource, Straight Talk in a Sex-Saturated Culture, and start the conversation in your home today.

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