When Less is More

Lisa Cherry —  August 18, 2013

rose red single 3600142180_253854148aBy Lisa Cherry

My oldest daughter just taught me a valuable lesson today. Sometimes less is more.

We know that is true in things such as pounds of fat on our bodies or price tags in our favorite clothing store, but could it also be true with words spoken in our home???

Kalyn, on her blog that shares hope with grieving families, tells the brief but poignant story of how her grandfather responded to the death of her baby. His simple but profound skill at expressing his love leads me to wonder.....

How can I express the same sensitivity when my children experience the pains of life....

Friend betrayals
School failures

I believe I can see it now.  Fewer words.  Fewer attempts to fix the unfixable.  But more expressed love by gesture.

Like Jesus when He wept at Lazarus' tomb.

Lord, give me grace to walk with Your expressed hope as a hold my children's hands through the pains of life.

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