My Son’s 1 Million View Video Incites Hatred Response

Lisa Cherry —  September 2, 2013

By Lisa Cherry

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Okay, this is an outlandish story.

Our son Lucas recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to begin working on a Master’s degree at Oral Roberts University.

At their opening chapel service a couple weeks ago, the school administration planned a special appearance. Since the school's mascot is the golden eagle, They hired a man to bring an eagle to the service.

We happened to be all standing around in the kitchen when a text from Lucas came in.

"Hey, family, look at this!"

 We clicked on his little video clip but it was pretty difficult to see. So we texted him back.

"Lucas, what is this? An eagle?  …an angel? HA HA!"

So he texted back that he would post a better copy for us on YouTube.

Then we could see what had happened.  The eagle, in the midst of shouts from the crowd, began flying around the auditorium, but unfortunately got confused and hit a window. The audience reacted in shock. (If you cannot see the video, click here.)

It was an interesting little 14-second video. Fortunately, the eagle was fine. In fact he was out flying at sporting events again the next day.

But that's when the craziness started to happen. Apparently some local news people picked up his YouTube posts. Since he rarely looked at his YouTube account, it took a couple days to notice that somehow he had about 15,000 views.

He was immediately concerned that the university might not like the publicity so he put in an emergency call to the public relations people. They did not seem concerned and recommended he leave the video alone.

The next week it got even crazier. Yahoo! News picked it up. ABC News interviewed him and reported on it.    Good Morning America also played it and then called him for an interview. And local and national news services all over the world began replaying the video. For a while there, he was watching the video play 1000 views per minute!

Our family got a personal revelation of the concept of "going viral."

Although the new stations were quick to clarify the fact that this was a trained bird that had been rescued from injury and unable to live in the wild, the comments on his YouTube channel were horrifying.

You could imagine the animal-rights people would've been upset. I guess you can't blame that since the poor bird hit the window.

But I was totally shocked at the Christian-bashing venom that poured forth from many of the responders. Unbelievable. I am deeply concerned about that.

Nobody seemed to stop and think that the week before the bird was frequently seen at sporting events. Nobody seemed to stop and think that this was an accident. It became an arena for pouring out hate and anger toward Christians.

Folks, what does this mean? What is brewing under the surface in our nation?

Are we quickly becoming the "enemy?" Guess this is what can happen when you put yourself on the front line.

Note:  Here’s a video that shows a bit more of the chapel service.  And here’s a short video of the eagle and his trainer, who explains that Lewis suffered no ill effects from the incident. 

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  • Hazel Moon

    WOW what an exciting story. Some hateful people are just jealous so pay them no attention. Thank you for sharing here at Tell Me a Story.

    • Lisa Cherry

      It's good the hear from you. Thanks for your comment.

  • Dolly

    I've watched videos on Youtube that don't even have a Christian message, yet there is Christian bashing in the comments. More and more so Christians are becoming the minority and thought of as "stupid" "crazy" etc. It has become as such that you're thought of as "less than" if you're a Christian. There is so much Christian hate and misunderstanding, especially on the web.

    • Lisa Cherry


      Yes, there is so much hatred of Christians on the web. we must remember that Jesus said "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first."

  • Iris

    Wow! That is awesome....and it is sad how Christians are becoming the main enemy. :(

    Visiting from Titus 2sday.

    The Blue Birdhouse

    • Lisa Cherry


      Thanks for your comment. Yes it is sad.

  • Ella Halligan

    Honestly, I am seeing a huge outpouring of hatred for both Christians and Jews (as a Messianic Jew, my family gets a double dose). There's even a "novel" out (I put it in quotations because the writing I have seen from excerpts is so awful that the only reason it got published is clearly because the publisher is happy to do Christian bashing) called "Christian Nation" which details the "horrors" of the U.S. turning back towards being a Christian nation... oh, no! (I have to admit a lot of the comments I saw about it were funny, though... one was "Look out, the Lutherans are on your porch bringing baked goods! Run and hide!")

    • Lisa Cherry

      So glad to hear from you. Yes, the culture is hateful toward both Christians and Jews.

  • Faye

    I guess we are the "enemy" of the enemy and he realizes his time is almost over. It's been boiling in my brain a lot recently that I need to become much more intentional about sharing my faith with everyone I come across because one day soon, Jesus is coming back and their opportunity to hear about Him will be gone.
    I'm glad the eagle is okay, and glad you shared this. Sorry you had to go through it, though. Thank you for the response of love to those who hate.

    • disqus_xbJH2YyfXB

      Faye, I agree we need to be much more intentional.

  • disqus_xbJH2YyfXB

    The world is doing what it is suppose to do, Jesus has done all that He needed to do, it is all in the hands of the church. What are we going to do?