A Double Life, Part 2: The Breakthrough Prayer to Pray Over Your Kids

Lisa Cherry —  September 5, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

This post is pretty simple.

Even if you and I read and studied every one of our 13 tips on how to detect a double life in our kids, we will not see what we cannot see!

Only God knows the true condition of the human heart. He is the revealer of hidden things, (See Daniel 2:22) and only He can see what is cloaked in darkness (See Psalm 139:12).

So here is the prayer that can totally transform your family's future:

Father, whatever is in the darkness, I ask You to bring it to the light.  I stand on Your word and command everything in the darkness—everything hidden or secret that is affecting my family—to be revealed right now, in Jesus name. Amen.

Last winter we prayed that prayer in POTTS meetings in two different cities where parents had gathered.  Each time, within two hours, parents ran back into the meeting sharing jarring revelations they heard from their teens over their lunch break.

Are you ready for a breakthrough?  Will you have the courage to pray that prayer???

Don't do it until you are prepared!

For more information, watch for my next post: What to Do When the Secret is Out!

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