Will Only 1% of Our Kids Make It?

Lisa Cherry —  September 12, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

The title of this post is heavy on my mind today. So please allow me to explain.

I just finished speaking to a lovely group of church folks about one of my new favorite topics: the Remnant of the Lord.  

I did what I usually do and led my listeners into a personal reality check that included a brush with some nasty statistics like....

Even though 83% of Americans still identify themselves as "Christian" when asked their religion of choice, only 9% of adults and only 1% of the Millennial generation have, according to George Barna, a biblical worldview!

9% of adults think and reason according to the teachings and principles of the Bible?!

1% of the young generation??!  Meaning our kids!!!

Can anyone besides me say that this is deeply distressing??

Somehow we have changed seasons in our nation. Somehow, while we were busy doing other things, we have exchanged our Christian heritage for something else!

And that explains why we scarcely recognize our national tenor as we peek in at our nightly news.

But not all of us have changed. Right???

Not all of us are running headlong into a feel-good sea of  relativism that flaunts sin as if it were the new vogue. Some of us are still standing. Right??

During a back to school service in the church I was visiting, I looked earnestly at the altar filled with teachers and students. And I couldn't help wondering. ...

Who in that group would be in the 9% or 1% ?

For just a moment I could hear my inner self about to pull an Elijah and say, "Lord, I must be the only one of your people standing!" But almost immediately, I sensed the Lord's correction.

Lisa, just like in the days of your brother Elijah, I have preserved for Myself ones (i.e. 7,000) who have not bowed their knee to Baal.

Yes, Lord, I celebrated! You are preserving for Yourself a holy remnant.

Now my job as a parent is to figure out how to lead my child to be...

…the 1 in 100!

This thought is whirling through my mind on a daily basis as I consider the priorities for my family in this new school year.  

How about you? What are your spiritual goals for your home? What is the Lord speaking to you right now about the most important things to include in your plan for your family?

Bible reading
Heart to heart discussions
Inspirational movies

Folks, the 1 in 100 will not come by accident.

What is your plan?

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(Statistics and concepts in this post are from Lisa and Lucas' new book releasing February 1 in bookstores called Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War.)












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