Parents Take Drastic Action; Teachers Defend Sexual Predator

Lisa Cherry —  September 17, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

 The man was labeled a pedophile. He was a middle school math teacher who repeatedly molested one of his students. He’s now serving a 15 to 30 year sentence in the Michigan Department of Corrections.

It was a life-altering tragedy for the victim and his family

And the article about this case caught my attention: Student exodus in Michigan school district where teachers defended child molester Did you see it?

Even after the teacher was convicted of the crime, many of his fellow teachers and school officials defended the the point where the parents in the school district took drastic actions.

Why would I call this story to your attention?  Four reasons:

First to continue to issue a strong alert about watching over our precious kids in this new school year, in a world where too many are being damaged by sexual predators.

Second, to encourage you to consider the decisive actions taken by these concerned parents—and judge

Sometimes it is hard and lonely to stand for the right to protect our kids. Sometimes we may even have to sacrifice and suffer.

Third, to stand strong with our fellow Christians who are teachers and administrators. Many of them are facing increasingly difficult situations in this spiritual culture war.

Fourth, to remind us how difficult it is for people to label someone as a dangerous person ....even when they are faced with overwhelming evidence.

Apparently the parents in the Michigan school district meant to send a loud message to their school district of no tolerance for sexual perversion.

Could we pray for the victim and his family, their school, and families affected by the case (including the perpetrator's family) even as we listen for the Lord's counsel for how to protect our kids?

Image by Luz “Nouveau Pershing Middle School”
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  • Jen

    Such an important message, not only for parents, but for everyone! I think in today's society we have become so hands-off to the point of negligence in protecting our young people. I"m stopping by from Proverbs 31 Thursdays. Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Lisa Cherry

      Yes, protecting our children must be a priority. Thanks for your comment.

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