Distracted to Death, Part I

Lisa Cherry —  September 19, 2013

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Guest Post by Beth Groh

A Note from Lisa:   How about an insightful yet caustic letter from hell to shake up your kids? That is exactly what our  friend C. S. Lewis did for us when he penned the Screwtape Letters.

Have you read this classic work that allows us to peek into the thought bombs leveled at us from the forces of darkness?

I remember the profound impact those letters had on me as a young Christian. So what if someone wrote an "updated version" of that classic to enlighten a new generation of Christians?

That is exactly the question my sister, Beth, was pondering the day she took a stab at some Screwtape Letters for her own teenagers. I asked her permission to share them with you and your family.

Here are my questions for you after you read these thought provoking letters:

Do you think Beth's insights are correct? Are we being Distracted to Death?

How would you pen a letter if it was your project to attempt?? 

Thanks Beth for sharing your creative writings. They are truly making me mindful of the thought bombs deployed in my life!!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,
against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

Distracted to Death, Part I

By Beth Groh

Dear Gall,

Don’t whine about having such a “tough assignment.” Really?! You think it’s tough to steer a soul towards Our Father in today’s society? Wah, wah, wah…

You’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips: 24/7 distractions, disinterest in all things spiritual, a bombardment of Our Father’s handiwork everywhere, rebellion, lawlessness, you name it.  And don’t forget our weapons of mass distraction: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and the like. 

You’ve got it so easy. You don’t even have to battle truth like we did back in the day. We used to have to nudge people into rejecting what the Enemy held out as truth. (It was actually quite fun, I must admit, and easier than you might think.)

But today, these dull sheep don’t even believe in truth anyway because one person’s “truth” is another’s “heresy.” These intellectual slobs like to play nice and accept everyone’s views on faith (or no faith) as valid.

How tough can it be for you to nudge someone into rejecting the Enemy’s version of truth when they deny it exists?

So give me a break with all your complaints…I have little patience.

But I do have orders from the lower minions to keep you on task. So I will have to put up with your sniveling while I guide you through this process over the next couple of weeks.

Why? Well, I’m ordered to, for one thing.

But also Our Father realizes that the stakes are quite high right now. He’s reaching a tipping point--not just capturing a few souls, but in decimating an entire generation. 

That, in turn, could get us the soul of a nation.

Ah, yes, the sweet smell of victory is in the air. (And wouldn’t that be juicy revenge for that naïve promise in the Garden at the beginning of the ages that victory would be in the hands of the “good guys”?! Ha!)

So let me know about any resistance you might face and I’ll walk you through it.

I will also try to stay awake watching you do your thing, although it’s really quite boring and lacks the vigor I used to face in the day when I had to pick off those who truly did know the Enemy’s words. (Now THAT was fun. This is mere child’s play.)

But I’ll do my part. Just keep me posted and look for opportunities, even though you don’t have to look too far.

Your affectionate uncle,



Dear Gall,

Would you quit texting and just pick up the phone?

Yes, I know your patient went to a church youth group thing last night. And, yes, I know he was singing along with songs praising the Enemy.

So what?

He went there to be entertained. He was. He went there because he liked a girl who was going.  She was.

He was just there for the entertainment and didn’t come with a lot of curiosity about what was being said.  (So did you really have to send me an urgent message?!)

Instead of getting so worked up about him singing the “Jesus” word, all you had to do was stay calm and remember your most powerful weapon: distraction.

When your patient’s mind starting to listen to the pastor’s words, all you had to do was nudge someone to text him. You stir curiosity about where is other friends are tonight. You plant a thought about the homework he still needs to complete. You draw his eyes towards what all the girls around him are wearing and what they’re doing. (Lust also is a powerful tool.)

Think about it, Gall. Is it really too hard to get him thinking about anything other than a message about the Enemy when he’s surrounded by other amusements?

How often does your patient ever unplug anyway and truly think anyway? Does he ever really ponder heavy stuff that might allow him to tap into his memories of Bible stories from his youth about the Enemy? His brain darts from one idea to another throughout the day as it is. If it’s not his phone, it’s his TV, his iPod, his Xbox.

Even in school, he doesn’t have to do that much deep thinking. He just has to remember concepts long enough to check A, B, C, or D. Deep thoughts? Hardly.

So don’t overly complicate this, Gall. Distract. Distract. Distract. Nine times out of 10 that will shut down any meaningful reflection that could allow the Enemy to infiltrate.

Next time, I’ll give you some other tips. But in the meantime, just keep it simple, OK? And, remember, this is soooo easy…

Your affectionate uncle,



Dear Gall,

Calm down. So your patient went to a Bible study class with a few friends after that Enemy concert. Big deal.

Actually, it’s almost easier to steal somebody who’s actually flirting with the Enemy’s ideas and offers of peace, salvation, love, blah, blah, blah.

We can still win them. And, the truth be told, we can sometimes mold them into one of our ambassadors without them even knowing it. (Truly, it’s a delicious sport that we’re about to play here!)

Now your first order of business is to remember your most basic tool. You do remember that Gall, correct?

Yes, it’s distraction. If he reads the Bible or is in a Bible study class, then don’t forget the obvious first step, which is to plant ideas that take his mind off the Enemy’s words. Sometimes that alone is enough to shut down the entire threat.

If that doesn’t work, then the real fun begins. You must follow the lead of Our Father and his most tried and true tactic. (If it worked in the Garden of Eden, it can surely work today.) You play on the patient’s pride and encourage him to trust his intellect.

How did Our Father do that? He simply planted doubt on the Enemy’s promise with one question, “Did God really say…?”

VOILA! Eve took the bait. She questioned. She used her own mind to trump God’s word. She arrogantly thought she knew better than the one who created her.

And it gets even better…she then shared those ideas with her mate, Adam. It was a 2-for-1 deal for Our Father!

Sure, the Enemy made this promise that he would someday overcome Our Father. He made a good run at it, too, with the whole cross thing.

But I look around now and see how many souls we have won—and how many more are just so ripe for the taking—and I can’t help believe that Our Father has momentum on his side. (That’s why we’re moving so fast and furiously right now to keep building on those gains.)

So think about it, Gall. The first two people the Enemy made—who had all the beauty and things of this world right there for the taking—rejected that promise, even though they used to walk with the Enemy in that Garden. Do you really think it’s that hard to get someone thousands of years later, who is simply reading about these stories in a book, to question and doubt?

Easy breezy…

Just, one, plant those doubts in your patient’s mind and get him thinking he knows more than the Enemy’s word. Then, second, plant the idea that this book is filled with a bunch of fairy tales anyway that have no real meaning today.

Got it? You simply have to get him to Exalt Reason, instead of simply using reason. Then you have to Discredit the Word. And I can give you a whole lesson on that next time.

Your affectionate uncle,


Image: By birgerking  “Weapons of Mass Distraction”
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