Important Letter for all Parents!

Lisa Cherry —  September 27, 2013

nullDear Parents and Leaders,

This letter is one of the most important we have ever written.

It is 4:46 am. Doug and I are riding together in our car in route to Amherst, Massachusetts via the St. Louis airport. As I hauled my middle age body out of bed this morning, I was jolted with a reminder of why I was losing sleep.


The statistic both haunts me and motivates me. That is the percentage of our young millennial generation who, according to Barna's recent research still have a true biblical worldview. (George Barna, Futurecast) The ones who held to six basic biblical questions such the sinless nature of Jesus and the truth of God's Word when polled about what they believe.

Our worldview predicts how we think.....

                                                         how we feel......

                                                                   and how we live.

It, according to those who study our human responses, is the strongest predictor of how we behave behind closed doors.

Something is terribly wrong. Something has radically shifted. Our young people are being hijacked from the very core foundations of basic bible truths, and we are watching the tsunami result.

Parents, do we care? Are we sufficiently alarmed?

I know I am writing today to a group who already does. But here we are. Watching the years tick by. We are busy people with so many demands on our lives. And too many of us our awakening to a horrible discovery of our own kids falling into the 99% pit.

Collectively, we must face our Goliath with new courage and new determination. Our God has not finished our stories, and He never leaves His people without hope!

Doug and I have spent the summer meditating on 1%. We have imagined what a new reality our children will face unless 1% is proven wrong. And we are freshly committed to doing all we can to aim our kids and yours kids for the Remnant of the Lord.

But here is another stat that is equally alarming.


That is the number of current American adults who have a biblical worldview. Friends, that is also a problem. For how will we move the 1% if we do not also awaken the 9%?

So here is the bottom line of our call to you today. We at Frontline Family Ministries are urging you and your family to take decisive action. We urge you to stop right now and, in prayer, recommit your family to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ask the Lord for the passion, vision, and plan to lead your family into spiritual maturity. Don't forget in the darkness that which you have previously seen in the light.

Today we humbly offer three ways we can be of help:

1. Consider joining us for Epic Truth.

Acquire the Fire is pulling out the stops this year to help your kids hit the 1%. We are pulling out the stops with our new resources, messages, and programs for parents at the weekend event to give you the tools needed to ransom your own kids. The Parent side of the weekend event will equip you as never before to win the invisible spiritual culture war attacking our family's lives. Click here for more information.

Bring other parents with you. Bring your kids' friends along as well.

Find some other parents to go if your kids are grown up now. Help us to carry the word.

2. Pray about signing up for our new Frontline Family Institute

This is big. Doug and I have recognized that so many have courageously mentored us over the years to pull our family over to the winning side that we want to improve our methods to offer a comprehensive, intensive mentorship program. This is something we have never done before. A one year "family internship" that will go beyond information to depths of spiritual transformation. Today is our first day to launch this new plan. Email or call Nathan to be one of the first to receive the packet explaining this revolutionary idea. Call 800 - 213 - 9899 or email

3. Connect with us deeper online and through prayer.

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We look forward to hearing from you soon, as together, we share the hope of Jesus  Christ.

We are praying for each of your lives to be drawn closer to the One who loves us with an everlasting passion!

In His Service, 

Doug and Lisa