Q: Do You Know What it Stands For?

Lisa Cherry —  October 18, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

I didn't know until I read the front page of our local university's newspaper.

LGBTQ   (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.)

That is what a local group says.

“Queer” used to be a derogatory term; it was not heard in polite conversation.  But certain groups have “reclaimed” it and now wear the label proudly.

Other resources say the "Q" stands for questioning. Whether it's questioning or queer, the idea seems to be the same:

  •  That individuals need to struggle to identify their own gender.
  •  And that individuals are free to declare which gender they are or want to be.

You can look at the definition of Q at several “hip” sites:  Click here for Wikipedia and here for Urban Dictionary.

This is an astounding shift from the days when pink and blue marked our world. Today our children are learning terms and ideas that are shameful and degrading. See Romans 1:24-26

Why do parents need to understand what Q means? Because it represents a central thought process of our kids' generation and it represents real life dilemmas for parents as we attempt to lead them through our culture.

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Next week I am going to share a shocking event that happened in our local community that is forcing that question to the forefront.

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