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Can We Rethink Heaven?

Lisa Cherry —  November 25, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

I have had an issue of Time magazine sitting in my bedroom for months. I keep meaning to file it away, but the cover and title, “Rethinking Heaven,”  and article keep causing me to leave it in my reading site.

This article at first glance might seem like a welcome piece of journalism for the Christian to celebrate. After all, heaven is pretty dear to our hearts!

But today I would like us to take a little closer look.

How are our kids and many adults around us rethinking heaven?

Is it possible that our thinking about heaven would somehow alter the reality of heaven itself?

This article demonstrates a powerful deception infiltrating the minds and hearts of this generation. For the postmodern mindset definition of truth goes something like this…

Truth is only true for me if I choose to believe it.

Parents, this is the cultural view permeating our collective mindsets. It is not the Bible way of defining truth.  It is not even the traditional Webster's dictionary way of defining truth.  But it, according to the studies and statistics, is our kids’ way of defining truth.

Truth is only true for me if I choose to believe it.

So according to this definition, we are free to rethink heaven. And then, of course, we are also free to rethink hell. And after we are done thinking, we can choose what is true for us.…which is of course our personal right and privilege.Time Rethinking heaven 360_cover_0416

Parents, this misunderstanding of truth is damaging our kids’ lives and destroying our ability to lead our kids to the Lord. What are you doing intentionally in your home to counter this philosophically wrong view?

This magazine picture would make a dandy discussion starter.

If you have not yet routed such postmodern reasonings out of your home, you could be headed for dangerous waters.

In our book Unmask the Predators and the workbook that goes with it, I can help you take an honest look at this issue. Click here for more information.



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By Lisa Cherry

As I am watching my friends list their blessings on Facebook this week, I decided to make a list for myself. At first I thought of the good ole, peace, and provisions. But then I heard a challenge to go deeper. And this is what came to me....

I am thankful for......

1. A little boy who is fascinated with loud burping one minute, and is praying fervently for his nieces and nephews the next minute.

Testosterone in the raw makes me thankful for God's wisdom in designing the sexes.

2. A husband who closes down the family devotion time early, grabs the can of family loose coins, and leads us in a game of toss the quarter in the basket…

.....just so we will remember to laugh and play together.

Tara Rebekah Hannah Ozarks 547099_281835715292021_425745494_n (2)3. Teenage girls who take their mom to the store to help her update her wardrobe….

…and then don't laugh when she tries on the jeans that no one who is middle aged should ever wear.

4. A daughter-in-law who calls and asks my advice…

…when we both knew she could have consulted Google or the latest trendy expert.

5. Sons who play their worship music loudly from two different bedrooms at the same time.

Their passion for Jesus blesses me whichever style I want to tune into.

6. Adult children who still come to the sporting events of their younger brothers and sisters…

 …even when their world is filled with children of their own.

7. Teens who say emphatically that the best part of their Christmas tradition is Operation 350…

…the weekend in December that our church shares food, toys and the good news of the gospel with 350 families in our community.  (This will be our 15th year.)

As I look over my list, I am humbled. I surely am the most blessed of all women. For around me I see Jesus living in the individual lives of my family. Not just a creed or a belief, but the real Savior God.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my most fervent prayers. God, please help me to wear a grateful spirit every day. I don't want to miss these incredible moments of seeing Your awesome presence in our lives as I rush toward something of lesser value.

Happy Thanksgiving Frontline Families!

So how about you? What unusual things are you thankful for????


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Modest Mondays


By Lisa Cherry

We are destroying the work ethic of a generation.

Time Magazine calls this the ME ME ME Generation…  The Millennials who are stuck on the concept of being rewarded not for achievement... but for just showing up.

We parents have learned from the experts the importance of praise and encouragement to our kids.

But if we fall into using what the Bible calls a flattering tongue, we will spread a net for our own kids.

Whoever rebukes a person will in the end gain favor rather than one who has a flattering tongue.   Proverbs 28:23

Those who flatter their neighbors are spreading nets for their feet.  Proverbs 29:5

Honest praise and truthful encouragement feeds the soul of a child, while flattery manipulates the emotions and deceives the mind.

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This post is part of my series about potholes:  pitfalls that can really jerk your car off the parenting road. These are road hazards that I can personally testify about, because I have fallen into some of them myself!  Here is the first post in this series:

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By Lisa Cherry

I have heard this thought from parents from one side of the country to the other…

…Christian parents who have told me at Christian events that their kids are being shaken at their roots by the LGBTQ agenda.

Is it cool to be bisexual? I guess that depends on who you ask!!! (And surely you know my answer!)

Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently blogged about this article: Bisexuality on TV: It's Getting Better.

When I first saw the title, I was encouraged. I thought maybe the Christian side was winning for a change...  I was wrong.

If you can stomach it, I suggest you look at a portion of this article.  This agenda to move sexual boundaries is very organized and intentional. I learned a lot about how the mindset works by reading this perspective.

Thank you, Dr. Mohler, for referring us to this Atlantic magazine article. I needed to read how my opposition sees this issue.

I needed to understand how people are literally interested in brainwashing my kids. I needed to see clearly so I can clearly respond to my children from a position of truth.

I am intentionally observing this from a distance so I can more effectively help my kids navigate these tactics. But I refuse to watch these shows or allow them into my home’s airwaves!

Parents, I know reading this stuff is no fun. But if we do not wake up now and recognize our enemy's tactics.....when will we????

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By Lisa Cherry

Looking for a great comeback to what your kids could be hearing about sex before marriage from teachers at school or among their own friends? 

I loved Matt Walsh's response to a letter from a teen wondering what to do with his teacher’s proclamations that "sex can be casual" and "abstinence is unrealistic".

This may be a great letter to share with your teens who are subject to mixed messages!


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