Enouraging News about Transsexual Bathroom Issue

Lisa Cherry —  November 12, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

I wanted to give you a quick update on a post I wrote a few weeks ago about a group of high school girls from a local swim team.  

While using the university rec center in our town, they encountered a transgendered man as they exited the showers.

We are seeing a group of concerned individuals coming forward in our community to address this issue of transgendered individuals and privacy laws.  We do not have any changes yet but will keep you posted.

As we are working here locally, we are encouraged to see our friends in California have made some progress in demonstrating that parents are concerned

For more information, see this article about the Privacy For All Students (PFAS) coalition, which has submitted over 620,000 signatures, qualifying them for a referendum on California's co-ed bathroom law.  


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  • Lynne Davis

    Thank goodness those California parents acted quickly. Let's pray for the validation of the required number of signatures so that this referendum can move forward and the students will be protected.

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

      Yes, praying!

  • Amanda Hunter

    praying for what lies the groups collecting the signature were lying to people for one. and it looks like the numbers don't add up