Can We Rethink Heaven?

Lisa Cherry —  November 25, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

I have had an issue of Time magazine sitting in my bedroom for months. I keep meaning to file it away, but the cover and title, “Rethinking Heaven,”  and article keep causing me to leave it in my reading site.

This article at first glance might seem like a welcome piece of journalism for the Christian to celebrate. After all, heaven is pretty dear to our hearts!

But today I would like us to take a little closer look.

How are our kids and many adults around us rethinking heaven?

Is it possible that our thinking about heaven would somehow alter the reality of heaven itself?

This article demonstrates a powerful deception infiltrating the minds and hearts of this generation. For the postmodern mindset definition of truth goes something like this…

Truth is only true for me if I choose to believe it.

Parents, this is the cultural view permeating our collective mindsets. It is not the Bible way of defining truth.  It is not even the traditional Webster's dictionary way of defining truth.  But it, according to the studies and statistics, is our kids’ way of defining truth.

Truth is only true for me if I choose to believe it.

So according to this definition, we are free to rethink heaven. And then, of course, we are also free to rethink hell. And after we are done thinking, we can choose what is true for us.…which is of course our personal right and privilege.Time Rethinking heaven 360_cover_0416

Parents, this misunderstanding of truth is damaging our kids’ lives and destroying our ability to lead our kids to the Lord. What are you doing intentionally in your home to counter this philosophically wrong view?

This magazine picture would make a dandy discussion starter.

If you have not yet routed such postmodern reasonings out of your home, you could be headed for dangerous waters.

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Image:  “Sun Rays” by Balaji.B via Flickr Creative Commons
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