Impossible? My Child Become a Sexual Perpetrator?

Lisa Cherry —  December 1, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

No way, we would all scream! Preposterous! My child would never be so inclined! We have raised him/her to behave better than that!


Three recent events cause me to write this post:

One is the sad account of recent parents in the news whose children committed heinous crimes and the parents were left in horrified disbelief.

Two was an email I received from a precious family asking for help with the issue of sexual abuse. Only this was a new twist. Their child was the repentant abuser.

Three was the recent news report that states 9% of teenagers polled admit to forcing or coercing someone into some form of sexual behavior that they did not want to do.

Almost one in ten? What is going on? Even the researchers were shocked at their findings.

But why should we be surprised. We have flooded our kids’ ears with images and stories and then stoked their sexual desires with sex-saturated airwaves. And so they act to get what they think they want.

Parents, I am thinking we need to take note in the following ways:

1. We had better step up our efforts to protect our kids from their own peers....not just out-of-control adults. More supervision will be required! Education and training will be mandatory.

2. We must instill a higher view of romance that makes forced sexual activity look absolutely ridiculous to consider. 

3. We must take an honest look at our own kids’ media exposure. Are they internalizing a violent/selfish form of sexuality as normal?

4. We must have the courage to not only address the problem of pornography with our kids but also to assist our kids with recovery if they have been exposed. Tainted appetites are dangerous appetites. Two great sites to help us as parents:  (do not go to!) and

5. We must pray for a generation caught up in a whirlwind of sexual sin. Pray for your child, and while you are at it, pray for your neighbor’s child too!

For more tips for protecting your child see our book, Unmask the Predators.

Image: “Handcuffs” by Victor Casale – Flickr Creative Commons
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