Is Your Family Talking Duck?

Lisa Cherry —  December 21, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

I don't remember ever spending the week before Christmas talking duck.

But at my house, duck is the hot topic.

How we as Frontline Families weigh in on the Phil Duck Dynasty controversy is actually very important, not only to our holiday dinner guests who will likely bring it up, but also to our kids as well.

 So many issues have hit the fan on this one:

 1.  Should a Christian publicly state that homosexuality is a sin?

2. What does it matter what a reality show actor says?

3.  Were Phil's rather crude remarks accurate, even though they were in poor taste?

4. Who is the GLAAD organization and why do they have such power?

5.  What will happen to any of us if GLAAD doesn't like what we believe or say?

6.  How about boycotting those involved, since we as Christians are now being "defamed?"

7.  Are we at the end if an era of "tolerance" in this nation, as only one definition of tolerance appears to be tolerated?

Perhaps you are like me. I can't say I was a Duck Dynasty fan in the past. But I must admit I am all ears now. And I am sobered to realize...

We better be figuring this out… because something is terribly wrong! We as Bible believing Christians are under increased pressure!

We cannot sit with our heads in the sand. We are going to have to know how to live as the Remnant of  the Lord in a very different age.

(That's what our new book is all about. And I can't wait to get it to you and your family next year.)

Meanwhile....let's talk duck to our kids.

Here are three of the best articles I have found to give your family plenty of discussion material:

1. 'Duck Dynasty' Controversy Further Evidence of How Media Is Reshaping Cultural Issue --An accurate portrayal of the story and its cultural relevance.

2. Duck Dynasty,' Gay Activism and the Clash of 2 Cultures --A good history of this "gay agenda" and why the duck controversy is not surprising.

3. A&E fowls up 'Duck' flap  --A good article on the church response to the crazy word "tolerance."

Blessings, Lisa.


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