2014: 30 Days to Start a Revolution

Lisa Cherry —  January 5, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry

Because the world is screaming it's open message to our kids

Because only 1% of the millennial generation has a biblical worldview

Because God has always preserved group of people who will not bow

It's time to start a NOT OPEN revolution in 2014!

Will you help us pray in a new generation who will win the invisible spiritual culture war?

Here's the plan:

30 days of prayer to start a revolution - Hear the vision in under 4 minutes:


Get the prayer guide here:  Not Open 30 Days of Prayer

Here's what others are saying:

---Yes, I will pray.  The world is in the sway of the wicked one. Confusion is going viral, and the word of God has been cast aside for the sensual, deceiving, worldly wisdom which is a counterfeit.

--My wife and I are in full support of the need for both effective prayer support and the goal of reformation in the church, a far greater vision than merely successfully launching a book.  The prayer guide is a very useful and well thought out tool to help us support you.


--The church is in desperate need of revival.  Thank you for standing for the truth.  I’m with you on this 30 day prayer effort. 

---God is calling us to prepare for battle.  Thank you for sending out the clear and compelling call to pray.  Yes, I will join you.  I’m printing the prayer guide and putting it into my planner.

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