Common Core: What’s the Problem?

Lisa Cherry —  January 10, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry

Everywhere you look in the news you see that phrase. But if you are like me, the whole issue has seemed so confusing and politically loaded that you have been tempted to ignore it all together and let the experts figure it out.

I think that the Common Core State Standards Initiative, or “Common Core,” as it is often called, could be a big mistake for our children and our nation.

Common Core is explosive, because it represents so many significant issues and so many diverse problems.

I received a question just this past week from one of our readers of Frontline Moms asking for help with this issue. Here is my best way of helping, I think.

I am going to list here the top issues I have heard related to the controversy of Common Core. Then I am going to give you the links of some of the best short pieces I have seen on the issue.

This issue is impacting all our lives, so let's start 2014 informed and courageous!

Top issues relate to Common Core

1. Who is in charge of our kids ultimately? Parents or the state.

2. Who is in charge of education decisions? Parents? State government? Local districts? Federal government?

3. Is the Common Core leading to a controlled national curriculum?

4. Are the objectives of Common Core leading to a "dumbed down" education?

5. Are the objectives really more about moving moral and spiritual boundaries?

6. What about private schools and home schools?

7.  Who is in charge of all this, anyway? And why?

8. Is my state participating? My school?

Here are some of the best articles and videos I have seen

1.  TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluations, and Educational Data

2.  Common Core: The 'State-led' Myth

3. Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards

4. The Battle Against Common Core Standards

The bottom line:

I am deeply concerned. This move could prove damaging to our families, I believe. I am praying and I am listening for the Holy Spirit's instruction for actions He would have me take.

What are your thoughts as you look at this issue?? I would like to hear from different parts of the country.



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