10 Reasons My Older Kids Still Go to Church

Lisa Cherry —  January 13, 2014
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By Lisa Cherry   

Not everyone's kids are running away from church.  

It may seem that way when we look at statistics.

But even if only 1% of our kids are currently displaying a biblical worldview, we cannot give up!!  And we must recognize that some Millennials are radically in love with our Jesus.  tweet about this

Over the years many parents have asked me how come our kids are still going to church even though they are pastors’ kids and "due" for a season of falling away.

My answer: God's grace and His mercy! I can’t take credit that all my kids are serving the Lord.

However, since I still have some of my children under the age of accountability, I decided to identify what the Lord has done or has taught us that I believe has helped. I don't want to have any mess ups now, and lose sight of what has worked!

So here are my top 10 observations:

10 Reasons My Older Kids Still Go to Church

1. It was never a decision point.  We never entertained, discussed, or thought about not going or allowing our kids not to go. Think about how this works in other areas of our lives. If I have to re-decide every day whether I am going to follow my own exercise habits ....well, I can tell you what happens with that. :)

2. Each one has their own personal relationship with Jesus.  Jesus did this one. They have encountered His reality at a young age for themselves. So they go to church because they love to worship Him.

3. We talk about real issues, even the tough ones. I find this young generation wants help with the tough issues that are hot buttons. So at our house ....and our church....we talk about the tough stuff. Not just the religious stuff.

4. They serve with their own jobs at church.  Our kids carry significant responsibilities of servant leadership from a young age.   They are not just hanging around. It matters to them...  and to others... when they show up.

5. It's an adventure for our family.  Passion is contagious. Doug and I find serving Jesus to be the most exciting real life drama ever imaginable!! Kids and teens love adventure. Authentic Kingdom of God participation is exciting, daring, risky, joyful, and challenging. And we love it!

6. The Bible is a part of our daily life.  We have family devotions at least four times a week. Prayer and Bible reading are daily habits for us all. So why wouldn't we want to be with the other believers on Sunday morning?

7. Our church is not big into entertainment.  We don't tickle ears or entertain. We study hard, play hard, cry hard, and laugh hard. Everyone knows we live in an over-entertained culture. So we don't even try to "compete" as entertainment.

8. Our relationships are strong.  This one is tough but real. Because we have healthy relationships at home, no one is wanting to rebel against us by the one way they know could hurt us the worst. Forsaking God. Lord, give us grace to maintain those healthy close relationships!!

9. We are honest about the dry moments.  Doug and I are transparent about our spiritual ups ....and our spiritual downs. Everyone has valleys and mountains. Our kids' valleys can scare them into doubt if they do not have endurance and understanding! But isn't it cool how God always pulls us out of valleys if we are patient?

10. We don't run church down with our mouths.  People mess up sometimes. And sometimes people in our lives abandon us. Learning to handle the messy moments of spiritual warfare and relationship pain as a family is critical. We must help our children process the frailties of our brothers and sisters. But we best not find ourselves gossiping, complaining, backbiting or murmuring.  Or why would our children want to come along??

I would love to hear what you would add to my list. Comment with your ideas here and we will all learn together.

Love, Lisa

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  • Hazel Moon

    Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story," your ten reasons why your older children attend church. Your ten reasons are awesome. To me number 10 is a clincher
    because parents who bad mouth the church, the pastor, and the members are telling their children, look at the hypocrites, at least that is how the kids see it. As I grew up, my mother would never speak against anyone even though others did. To me that was an example I never forgot.

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

      Hazel...that big mouth problem I have personally blown before. And then I would see the horrible effect in my kids!!! Good word. I so appreciate you!

  • http://ofthehearth.com/ Shannon Coleman

    Your "10 reasons" are all simple, but they provide a lot of insight (especially given the tendency of many churches to be so focused on entertainment and being "cool"). Thanks for sharing the list with us!

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

      Shannon, you are so right, I believe. Honestly, it was never meant for the church to chase the culture of "cool!" I think you are going to appreciate our new book that Lucas, my 23 year old son, and I wrote. It addresses these issues. Called Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War. Big release day with several special giveaways on February 15 on Amazon!

  • sunnymolls

    This is a great, practical list - and the same reasons I'm still in church in midlife after being raised in a pastors' home by parents who still love church, too!

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

      I love it! We can pull our kids thru! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Paula Kaye

    Very good points...came to me at a good time. I have a 15 year old that is struggling with his belief. We have to hang on to him. And we do lots of praying. And going to church is 'not an option' right now


    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

      I am praying for you and your son. God bless you and hang on!!!!

  • Lisa Raub

    Great article, Lisa! Almost all of the points you mentioned were mentioned by the many 2nd generation Christians I interviewed for my new book, Lionproof: Keeping Your Children from the Claws of the Devil.

    I think especially important is that we as parents serve The Lord with JOY! What good is a faith that's a drudgery? Our kids will never want to pick that up, and I don't blame them.

    • http://www.frontlinefamilies.org/ Lisa Cherry

      Lisa, this is so confirming! I would love to get better acquainted and see your new book. I will be in touch!

  • Josh

    Great stuff! It's all the reasons I'm still in church, and the lack of these things are almost always the reasons others in my generation are not!

  • Lynne Davis

    I loved this post. Your points are right on. I especially liked your first one about not even thinking about skipping church.

    I appreciate your courage and faith-filled testimony.

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