Is Marriage Optional for Our Kids?

Lisa Cherry —  January 28, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry

Shacking up...

living in sin...

illegitimate births...

When I was a kid, people used derogatory phrases like these for behaviors which today are being perceived by our children as simply another version of normal.

I like how George Barna describes what I am talking about in Futurecast:

“Our nation is in the midst of a seismic reconceptualization of marriage and family.....Marriage no longer signifies the commencement of adult life; it is now a middle step in that journey, after one has completed his or her education, experimented with multiple lovers, relocated to a desirable place, become established in a career, and perhaps even had a child or two.”

—George Barna, Futurecast: What Today's Trends Mean for Tomorrow's World, 2011, p. 48-49, Tyndale House

I would say that is a major reconceptualization, how about you?

I am intrigued by Barna's word here. To conceptualize means to visualize and formulate in one’s head.

As the mother of several teens and preteens, I am very interested in their "conceptualizations"—and what influences them!




But even more influential are friends and family who can all move my kids' views of marriage and family away from what we know to be God's views.

Unless I intentionally do something about it.

Are you talking about these issues with your kids regularly?

Are you exposing, explaining, reasoning, listening, and shaping them?

Are you taking ownership of our collective problem and recognizing your family's unique vulnerabilities to "reconceptualizations?"

That is our job, parents.  No one else will be able to properly educate our kids on these issues. But if we abdicate our role, someone or something else will step in. 

We are in the middle of an Invisible Spiritual Culture War. But it is only invisible to those who choose to not see.

I am praying for your family today. I do not intend for my  descendants to reconceptualize... ...and I know you do not want it either!

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  • Tessa W

    Thank you for this post. My boys are little yet but we already talk about God's will for their lives and that they may marry and become daddies one day. I'm so blessed to have a husband my boys can look up to because both want to be farmers and daddies just like their father!

    • Lisa Cherry

      Dads are so important! I agree. Casting a healthy vision is such a blessing.

  • mom678

    You are absolutely right. Friends and family members can have a great influence in our kids' hearts. we can can't stay home when a family member marries his great-with-child bride, or slight the best, friendliest neighbors you have who are cohabiting. But talking with our children openly and regularly, and equipped with the word of God, we can be of greater influence.

    • Lisa Cherry

      These are very challenging situations to know how to protect our kids' hearts! Talking, praying, praying ....and praying!!!