Tolerance: My Article Picked up on The Christian Post

Lisa Cherry —  February 10, 2014


By Lisa Cherry

Tolerance is such a hot button in our world today.  

I wrote an article about it, and it was published recently by The Christian Post.  

Check it out!

The Definition of Tolerance

By Lisa Cherry, CP Guest Contributor

February 4, 2014|4:24 pm

When I was a girl, Mama taught me her meaning of the word "tolerance" when she bought my kid sister and me matching twin-sized, blue-ruffled bedspreads; coordinating white French provincial furniture; and proceeded to move us into the same bedroom.

"Lisa, I expect you to love, honor, and respect your little sister," she would say.

Never mind that my sister, who was a massive twenty-one months younger than I, was childish, immature, and messy-at least in my eyes. I—the "mature" one—was required to "tolerate" her.

I am so grateful for Mama's lesson. From her I learned to tolerate—and even love—others, even when I was sure they were wrong. So when my sister and I retired our little blue bedspreads back in the 1970s, we both thought we had tolerance figured out.

Unfortunately, we did not understand back then that we were already in the midst of a strange silent war that would cause us to think twice about our bedroom-lesson beliefs. 

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  • Hazel Moon

    Wow, great post! Thank you for
    sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story." The word tolerance goes
    with the words racist, and pregidous I usually say I am not either, but I am opinionated.