Esther’s First Birthday in Heaven: One Year Later

Lisa Cherry —  February 11, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry Valentine’s Day is bittersweet for us this year.

We are celebrating the incredible gift of love in our home as we are also remembering where we were last year when our grandbaby, little pre-born Esther Kate, was born to live with Jesus.

So many of you have asked me over the months how Kalyn and Adam are doing. Your thoughtfulness and support are so appreciated. I believe our story is one of beauty for ashes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Out of deep pain, my children have found their God in profound ways.  Kalyn is ministering her journey through grief on her blog that is healing hearts: Mommy’s Heavenly Dream.

Today, in honor of my grandbaby Esther, I want to share Kalyn's recent post that grabbed my heart. Esther... you will never be forgotten.

11 Things Esther Taught Me – A Reflection on the Last Eleven Months

by Kalyn from Mommy's Heavenly Dream

The last month has been very interesting in our family. I’ve had so many things on my mind, but haven’t gotten them all down in writing. Our first Christmas without Esther, entering a new year, and lots of other adjustments.

I can hardly believe that Esther’s first birthday in heaven is coming up in less than a month. It still seems like she was just here. But then, I realize just how long this year has been as we have walked through this grief.

The 15th marked eleven months since we met our tiny girl, and said goodbye until heaven. I’ve been reflecting a lot on these last months and how our family has changed – how I have changed. In light of the eleven months we have been on this journey, I wanted to share 11 things that I have learned from my second daughter’s life.

Through Esther, I have learned…

1. The absolute privilege it is to carry a child. To be pregnant, nurturing life within my own body. There is nothing like this incredible gift. It is so easy to take for granted. Esther taught me the reality of this miracle.  

2. How to be brave. Eleven months ago I walked through things I never thought I could live through. In so many ways, Esther made me brave. I had to rise up and be her mommy – even when it meant a silent birthing room and a funeral instead of a welcome home party. The strength I have gained walking through the last year sometimes surprises even me.

3. To hold both tightly and loosely to those I love. Tightly, because this life is temporary, and sometimes shorter than we think. And loosely, because our loved ones don’t really belong to us. We are not always in control. But God has an eternal plan that is far better than anything in this fragile life.

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  • A Little R & R

    What an inspiring article. I truly believe that God gives us grace for the moment. Before I was married I didn't think I could ever face a pregnancy loss or a loss of a child, but I have three babies with Jesus now - and I related so well to what Kalyn said. It is a privilege to carry a child, we do have to hold our gifts loosely and we can be brave because the grace God gives us for our specific trials enables us to see life through Heaven's eyes. Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal story!