Crazy Coincidence? LGBT for College Students

Lisa Cherry —  February 12, 2014


By Lisa Cherry

The Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC)  was meeting in Kansas City in the same convention complex as Acquire the Fire  where I spoke this past weekend.    

Parents at our Not Open event were alarmed. Not because they were "phobic," but because many of our Christian kids thought the MBLGTACC convention was cool and great!

I had just finished my opening session with the parents discussing the Invisible Spiritual Culture War facing them and their children, when it seemed we were immediately given a living demonstration of our spiritual battle.

One of the parents came back to our session after lunch describing his conversation with one of the group's college students that had shaken him to the core.

Another said her kids were intrigued and had "no problem" with the group at all.

A third said we had protester groups out on the sidewalk.

And a fourth said her youth group kids were rather "freaked out" by the rather bizarre scene.

Wow. These issues of Open are hitting fast and furious. As we held a heartfelt, earnest prayer meeting for the students in the other hall as well as the students in our hall, I think one of the parents’ comments hit the nail on the head....

Lisa, we are not prepared for this hour as we should be. We need to study our Bibles....'cause how are going to lead our own kids if we do not know how to think biblically about these issues?

A sense of sobriety hit our meeting as we realized we are at the crossroads of a divine opportunity.

And as we turned and studied His word, we found great delight in discovering He does know what to do!!!! He does have the love and the power and the truth to reach a generation!!!

Parents how will you prepare yourselves to lead your children in this desperate hour? What specific things can we do? Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page at ImNotOpen.

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You can watch Lisa and Lucas Cherry's interview on LeSEA's Harvest Show here. Their segment starts at 21:00.

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