Atheist Pastors?? ~3 Things Parents Can Learn

Lisa Cherry —  February 17, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry

When I saw this article title my jaw dropped:  Why Are So Many Pastors 'Coming Out of the Closet' as Atheists?

But when I read further, I could see more clearly what was going on. This is a case of the devil and his forces capitalizing on those who are weakened.

Frontline Moms and Dads, we need to pray for our pastors. The Invisible Spiritual Culture War is very hard on them and their families! And personal pain in their homes is spilling over to their ability to rightly lead their flock. 

If even the strongest leaders among us are falling into a place of confusion, what about the vulnerability of the youngest and the weakest?

Pastors who deny their faith are of course confusing to their sheep and also dangerous.

Here are 3 quick things we can learn from this sad story:

1. The Devil’s camp is organized.  Sometimes we forget that just like we're working strategies to bring people to Jesus, others are working strategies to lead people to darkness. We best recognize that the enemy has a plan against our  lives—pastors, kids, all of us!

2.  Infused doubt works.  Did God really say…? That was the first great deception in the garden of Eden. Doubt is being flaunted in the airwaves.

3. Wounds are a door to deception.  Family wounds, church conflicts, betrayals, and disappointments… the enemy loves to move our beliefs while we flounder in pain. As parents, we need to recognize our kids’ moments of greatest vulnerability!! I have definitely seen this in our pastors’ home. And I am sobered.

Surely this article gives us great clues as to why only 1% of our kids’ generation has a biblical worldview.  But maybe... we can see our enemy's strategy and gain greater protection.

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