How Texting Changes Romance

Lisa Cherry —  March 5, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry

Texting is such an easy way to communicate to our busy teens that I appreciate some of its simplicity.

At the same time I am watching firsthand its down side. For while texting can allow us to keep up to the moment in some of our already established relationships, it is not a good way to establish relationships!

In fact, it can be a bust in the world of romance.  Texting can promote a false sense of intimacy that clouds one’s judgment and leads to many relationship errors.

I appreciated Ruthie Dean’s helpful insights about this issue in her post “Are you wearing “text goggles”? Love in the time of texting.”

Her points would make the basis for a healthy discussion in your home if texting has become a part of your family's culture.

What is your family doing with the texting issue? Are you, as a parent, right in the middle of your teen's texting world....or are you on the sidelines?

What about your sons? Are they "loving this texting thing" so much that they are hiding behind it???  

What about your daughters? Are they learning to read through the imaginary aspects of the texting world?


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