How to Have Hot Romance for 33 Years

Lisa Cherry —  March 21, 2014

Doug-Lisa wedding altar

By Lisa Cherry

Dear Pebo,

Today marks 33 years since we stood at that altar, starry-eyed.

And just so our kids and grandkids and even the whole world knows today, I want to make a declaration:

The hot romance of our youth has not faded. And the love has only grown more beautiful.

Today I thought of at least 33 reasons why our love is so strong.

Oh, to others, these might look like 33 obstacles to romance. But we know they were doorways to intimacy.

The real secret to our marriage?

It's all wrapped up in that big God kind of love word, agape.

Thank you, Doug, for 33 years of First Corinthians  13 four through seven.

Your Pebo,

  1. Door-to-door pots and pans purchases
  2. Camping trips to the Illinois river
  3. 23-foot travel trailers on a mountain
  4. Sewer accidents in a campground
  5. Toothpaste smells
  6. 10 labors
  7. 10 Postpartums
  8. 10 Moves in 16 years
  9. Gray hair
  10. No hair
  11. Van in a ditch (On consecutive days )
  12. Golf balls thru windows
  13. Vomit clean up
  14. 13 puppies and a sick mama dog
  15. Dental accidents
  16. 200 beats per minute heart rates
  17. Van fires
  18. Lost car keys
  19. Dead frozen horses
  20. Mice wars
  21. Mold
  22. Shoulder surgery
  23. Chain saw cut knees
  24. 100% commission based job changes
  25. Cluttered dresser tops
  26. Used cars with no back door handles
  27. Tofu main dishes
  28. Sermon critiques
  29. Wood-burning heating units
  30. Boats hanging in a tree
  31. Trips to Chicago to " get a house"
  32. Hospital vigils
  33. 32-cities-per-year ministry trips

*     *     *     *     *

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In a world where sex and romance have been hijacked to sell products, push agendas, and tantalize the flesh, God is raising up a new generation that knows the truth!

God is the inventor of Hot Romance! He yearns to pour out His Blessing of Love to any who will receive it!   (7 part DVD)






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  • Tara Cherry

    What a beautiful example to us you have been! Read and chuckled at so many of those 33 reasons. Nice doing life with you!

  • Mary Zatkalik

    Happy Anniversary. What a fun post.

  • Hazel Moon

    Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story" all your tips for a continued hot romance.” Just sharing and enjoying each other daily in what ever and where the Lord leads will work. Jesus first in our lives, then each other as best friends, lovers and companions works for us. Not telling how many years, but the first 33 for us were awesome, also the next 33!