Meet My Friend Dennis, Formerly Gay, Now Married and a Father

Lisa Cherry —  March 29, 2014

dennis_jerniganBy Lisa Cherry

This is our third miracle story this week. I am sharing the testimonies of 3 of my friends who tell the world this truth:

God can change homosexual desires!

Perhaps you have never met someone who has been set free from the complex and difficult issue of same sex attraction.

That is what someone shared with me just a few weeks ago. This person was sincerely asking me if I had ever known of someone able to change. I was so excited I could answer "Yes!"

Dennis Jernigan's story stands as a testimony of hope and a beacon of truth.

Not only can we read his story... but soon we will all be able to see his story in a new documentary called Sing Over Me.  It premiered February 28, and you can watch the trailer here.  He’s also published a book by the same title, available here.

If you are not familiar with Dennis and his amazing worship ministry, please read about him and take a listen right here.

Dennis knows His Daddy so well. And every time he sings, I find myself drawn close to my Father’s heart. Thanks, Dennis. You have touched my life for the last 20+ years.

I pray that a new generation of God seekers will find their healing in the shadow of the One you sing to!

(I have been emailing Dennis and his team over the last few weeks. I want to make sure all our friends of Frontline Family Ministries are ready to help spread the word of his new release. I will keep you posted as the movie becomes available nationwide.)

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