How to Get Back on Track with Your Family

Lisa Cherry —  March 30, 2014

 Lisa driveway gouge

By Lisa Cherry

I was backing my car out of our circular driveway this morning only to encounter a familiar problem. Poor backing skills.

You would think I would have this problem conquered after all these years of driving. I don't.

Instead I watched the view in the rearview mirror of my car heading off to the grass.

I could see Doug's face grimacing (even though he was nowhere in sight) as I was over on that part of the yard he has so patiently tried to keep covered in grass.

But now that my wheels were clearly doing their damage, I was faced with a new problem.

Should I keep going with a wheel adjustment hoping to "arc" my way back onto the pavement?

Or should I stop, pull forward, realign, and try it again.

I kind of wish I would have tried option 2. :(

Isn't that how it is sometimes when we get our parenting leadership going off course? We know we are headed into disaster. And yet it is tough to figure out how to get back on track.

Here are my top thoughts on how to make changes in parenting direction when you know you are off track:

1. Have the courage to stop and reconsider your path.

2. Pray and ask God for wisdom to see where you got off.

3. Recognize that course corrections are not instantaneous. They usually take time.

4. I really don't recommend the "arc" method. Swinging even wider off course is a rough way to get back on!  (And it generally tears up more turf in the process!)

5. "Stop and realign" is what God does best in our lives. Trust Him. And take His way over your own foolish path.

Do you have some things off track in your home?


I am grateful for a God who might grimace at my poor leadership, but never forsakes me when I need His wisdom and grace.

So many parents live a lifetime of regrets because they never had the courage to get back on track! I don't know about you but I don't want to look in my rearview mirror when I'm old and say.....

Wow, I sure wish I would have changed...

I am praying for you and your family today.


Will you pray for me too?

(And don't worry. Doug has more grass seed ready to sow!)

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  • Lisa Koster

    I'm so glad I found you today at Tell Me a Story. I love it when you said, "Stop and realign" is what God does best in our lives. So true!

  • Mary Zatkalik

    Great practical tips!